Richard Lackman

Rookie - 318 Points (Philadelphia)

Richard Lackman Poems

1. Reaching The Sea 2/22/2012
2. From Here To There 2/22/2012
3. The Surgeon 2/24/2012
4. Worn Stairs 2/24/2012
5. Oh God I Wake To Yet Another Day 2/27/2012
6. Planning Out My Day 2/27/2012
7. Strangers On The Street 2/28/2012
8. The Beautiful Sky 3/25/2012
9. Winter Is Upon Us Now 12/16/2012
10. I Always Had Intended To Retire 2/3/2013
11. The Forest Near My Home 2/3/2013
12. Poetry As A Painting 2/6/2013
13. I Fell In Love A Year Ago 2/10/2013
14. Beauty 1/12/2014
15. Why Have You Gone? How Could You Go? 1/26/2014
16. Falun Gong 8/12/2015
17. Because I Could Not Ever Bear To Say Goodbye To You 8/23/2013
18. Looking Back 11/13/2012
19. Dreams 2/22/2012
20. Building For Eternity 7/16/2013
21. Two Strangers Passing On The Street 1/21/2014
22. Pursuing Chemotherapy 3/11/2012
23. The Age Of 80 5/14/2012
24. June 5/14/2012
25. The Ever Changing Tide 5/22/2012
26. The Soldier 5/14/2012
27. November 11/22/2012
28. My One True Love 3/17/2012
29. My Hospital Stay 3/25/2012
30. My Last Day 2/22/2012
31. Life's Mystery 2/22/2012
32. Life Eternal 2/26/2012
33. Destiny 2/22/2012
34. Happiness 10/7/2012
35. Everlasting Love 2/16/2013
36. The Candle 2/22/2012
37. Here And Now 2/22/2012
38. Evan 2/22/2012
39. The Cancer Surgeon 2/26/2012
40. Snow 4/11/2012
Best Poem of Richard Lackman

A Poet's Shame

I set out to write this poem and I had a simple plan.
I'd avoid all things prosaic and I'd do the best I can
To optimize the content and the grammar and the rhyme
And of course I'd tell a story that would echo for all time

I thought about the subject and the role the hero played
But when I penned the verses then I saw the hero fade
I read my lines and wondered if all poets had the same
Misunderstanding with the words and felt a poet's shame

I struggled with my concept and the form the poem took
Yet I doubt that you will ever see this poem in a book
For ...

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When I lost my son to a tragedy I thought that love would end
But I never guessed how it could be that my love for him would bend
And sway like a tree in a summer storm and quiver but never break
While the memory of a love well worn would lessen my heartache
I speak to my son each morning and pray with him every night
He comments without speaking and fills my days with light
My thoughts are blessed with images of his wit and grace
And constantly as I go on I see his smiling face
I cheri

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