Richard Lackman

Rookie - 420 Points (Philadelphia)

Richard Lackman Poems

1. My Last Day 2/22/2012
2. Reaching The Sea 2/22/2012
3. From Here To There 2/22/2012
4. Worn Stairs 2/24/2012
5. Oh God I Wake To Yet Another Day 2/27/2012
6. Planning Out My Day 2/27/2012
7. Strangers On The Street 2/28/2012
8. The Beautiful Sky 3/25/2012
9. Winter Is Upon Us Now 12/16/2012
10. I Always Had Intended To Retire 2/3/2013
11. The Forest Near My Home 2/3/2013
12. Poetry As A Painting 2/6/2013
13. I Fell In Love A Year Ago 2/10/2013
14. Beauty 1/12/2014
15. Why Have You Gone? How Could You Go? 1/26/2014
16. Falun Gong 8/12/2015
17. Because I Could Not Ever Bear To Say Goodbye To You 8/23/2013
18. Everlasting Love 2/16/2013
19. Looking Back 11/13/2012
20. The Candle 2/22/2012
21. Dreams 2/22/2012
22. Building For Eternity 7/16/2013
23. Two Strangers Passing On The Street 1/21/2014
24. Pursuing Chemotherapy 3/11/2012
25. The Age Of 80 5/14/2012
26. June 5/14/2012
27. The Ever Changing Tide 5/22/2012
28. The Soldier 5/14/2012
29. November 11/22/2012
30. My One True Love 3/17/2012
31. My Hospital Stay 3/25/2012
32. Evan 2/22/2012
33. Life's Mystery 2/22/2012
34. Destiny 2/22/2012
35. Life Eternal 2/26/2012
36. The Surgeon 2/24/2012
37. Happiness 10/7/2012
38. The Gentleman On A Park Bench 8/21/2013
39. The Cancer Surgeon 2/26/2012
40. Here And Now 2/22/2012
Best Poem of Richard Lackman

A Poet's Shame

I set out to write this poem and I had a simple plan.
I'd avoid all things prosaic and I'd do the best I can
To optimize the content and the grammar and the rhyme
And of course I'd tell a story that would echo for all time

I thought about the subject and the role the hero played
But when I penned the verses then I saw the hero fade
I read my lines and wondered if all poets had the same
Misunderstanding with the words and felt a poet's shame

I struggled with my concept and the form the poem took
Yet I doubt that you will ever see this poem in a book
For ...

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Each night I take a journey on my bed
To places that are not what they might seem
I conjure up these countries in my head
As I lay down to sleep and start to dream

My dreams are never lucid as the day
But seem distorted as the details flow
As such I never seem to find a way
To navigate strange streets where strangers go

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