Rebecca lucy Smith

Poems of Rebecca lucy Smith

1. I Know 7/8/2013
2. I was looking for a guy 7/8/2013
3. I, m the girl 7/8/2013
4. The mystery 7/8/2013
5. The Day I Met You 7/8/2013
6. Time To Say Goodbye And Let You Go 7/8/2013
7. Why Can't I Have a Mum Like You? 7/8/2013
8. Why do I feel this way? 7/8/2013
9. Why So Many Questions? 7/12/2013
10. You may be my mum 7/8/2013

The mystery

I am a mystery that no one can solve
I could give you some clues
But that would ruin my crime
So hop on out and join the rest
When something goes bad
You turn and glare that says
You’ve done something wrong

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