Rebecca lucy Smith

Poems of Rebecca lucy Smith

1. I Know 7/8/2013
2. I was looking for a guy 7/8/2013
3. I, m the girl 7/8/2013
4. The mystery 7/8/2013
5. The Day I Met You 7/8/2013
6. Time To Say Goodbye And Let You Go 7/8/2013
7. Why Can't I Have a Mum Like You? 7/8/2013
8. Why do I feel this way? 7/8/2013
9. Why So Many Questions? 7/12/2013
10. You may be my mum 7/8/2013

You may be my mum

You may be my mum
But you made my life a walking hell
You don’t understand how much it hurts
Being alone in a stranger’s house ….
My mum far away
Well at least I thought she was my mum
Now I’m having second thoughts
You can’t be my mum
If you weren’t there for me

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