Treasure Island

Rasta Israel Uda

Poems of Rasta Israel Uda

1. Access Road 5/17/2014
2. Adjacent Eldorado 9/4/2013
3. Africa's Cornerstone 6/8/2014
4. Dinner with Perpetual 1/17/2014
5. Flower of a Deserted Garden 8/17/2013
6. Open Doors 11/23/2013
7. The lady in light brown silk gown 12/21/2013
8. The Rake's Man 5/2/2014

The Rake's Man

Bewildered by the rants coming across street,
He fine-tuned his tool to clear away leaves
That rest on the sand shore in a compound so glued
to its tidings.

Putting up with a fair weather friend, who claims
to understand his world on a rock. The birds signal
their empathy to him as he master's the art of being
contented in a world so unreal to his true emotions.

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