Treasure Island

Randy McClave

(Ashland, Kentucky)

Biography of Randy McClave

Randy McClave poet

I was born and raised in Ashland, Kentucky.
I am a also former Golden Gloves champion, and I am United Steelworker. I write to reflect the life I have lived and the suffering and happiness I have been through. I started writing poetry when I was 11 years of age, I have been to many countries Japan, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, England and I have studied and learned of writings and poetry of the countries that I visited.
I currently have 4 books of poetry published, I have been inspired by poets of the current and of the past, I see life as a poem waiting to be written..

Randy McClave's Works:

The Works, I Was There Also, Branded Upon My Soul, Everyone Has A Poem To Tell Updates

To Prevail

Tomorrow I might fall down, I might even fail
But, I will not see that as a defeat as I will eventually prevail,
A victory to me it is not to win, it is not to give up, but to begin
And tomorrow is another day that I will be tested, "Oh well! ".

If I fall down tomorrow, I will get up once again,
I will not need any help or coaxing or even a prayer, "Amen",
From my pants I will wipe off the dirt, then I will re-tuck my shirt
I will not ask for any help, as life wil

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