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(13.12.1955 / howrah)

Biography of ramesh rai

ramesh rai poet

Poetry is my passion. Composing since teen age say 1970 and onward. Most of them are destroyed because during those days there was no such platform for publication. Some of them are still with me and also posted in this site. Since 2002 to 2011 I was totally off. In 2011 I posted some of my poems in PH. Now poetry has become the part of my life. It is my personal experience, ' a poet is born can not be made, is the inspiration of only God'. I had the promise I will meet you so i m here. I am grateful to all the poets of this site and my readers who have made me so. Thank you so much to my PH family and all readers. with regards to all

ramesh rai's Works:

I m preparing for publication of collection of my all poems.
It is my earnest request to give a view on my poem I SEARCHED YOU.


Softness prevails the earth
to sprout seed in her womb
softness is the mercy thawing from earth
softness in water cleanses all dirt
softness in rytheme makes an enchanting song
softness in words wins a heart
softness in air appease the world
softness in energy transmit through stars and plamets
softness in rays surpasses all hindrence

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