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Biography of RAJ NANDY

Born in the city of Calcutta-a year before India's Independence.Graduated with honours in
English from Presidency College.Later joined the
Indian Air Force and retired as Group Captain. Also
obtained a first class MBA degree while in service.
Fond of drawing/painting and writing & reading poetry.
I have recently completed writing Part-1 of 'History of
Philosophy in Verse'.Preparing to commence Part-2 soon.My Story of English Literature, and the Story of Western Art in Verse is available on ''under the name Raj Nandy. Some day I hope to publish my book of poems &
also my book on Philosopy.I am also a Homeopath, mainly
practising to help the needy.Now permanently settled in New Delhi.I welcome making contacts with people with
similar interests.Of late I have written poems based on
in-depth studies, mainly on Quantum Mechanics & Spirituality, and also on Zen Philosophy & on other Historical subjects.Though I also like to write on
humorous & lighter stuff at times! Thanks for reading this! -RAJ Updates

Dreams Never Die


Dreams never die,
It is always destined for re-birth
In the human mind!
Nurtured by the human heart,
Shaped and caressed by
Our hopes and aspirations;
Driving us steadily,

[Hata Bildir]