Radhika Karia

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Radhika Karia Poems

1. For God 12/22/2005
2. I Needed You 12/22/2005
3. Thinking Of You 12/24/2005
4. Could This Be? 12/24/2005
5. Life 12/24/2005
6. Sorry 12/24/2005
7. A Permanent Mark 12/27/2005
8. Let Me Tell You A Secret 12/27/2005
9. Mother… An Angel 1/1/2006
10. A Crazy Love 3/13/2006
11. What Is This? 5/20/2006
12. In My Room, In My Bed, Trying To Sleep 5/20/2006
13. My Man Who Returned Late One Night 5/20/2006
14. Side Effects Of Love 10/8/2006
15. Hope 10/8/2006
16. So Confused... 10/8/2006
17. To My Best Friend 2/23/2007
18. A Valentine Verse 2/23/2007
19. So I Walked.. 2/23/2007
20. Don’t Do This To Us 2/23/2007
21. Why Heaven Fell 2/28/2007
22. Sit With Me 2/28/2007
23. The Story Of Dime 3/11/2007
24. Who Can Give Answers? 3/11/2007
25. Hideout 5/17/2011
26. A Lump In My Throat 2/21/2012
27. Wish To Be A Firefly 7/20/2012
28. The Bear & The Husky 7/20/2012
29. On The Highway 7/20/2012
30. The Worst In Me 7/20/2012
31. Each Day 8/14/2012
32. When Its So Hard To Leave 5/22/2015
33. When It Got Over Is When It All Began 5/26/2015
34. Mountains 9/11/2015
35. The Yellow Leaves... 3/6/2008
36. Love 3/6/2008
37. A Friendship Poem 3/6/2008
38. Ill Be There For You 7/22/2009
39. Was That You? 8/1/2009
40. Goodbye -new- 5/19/2017
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Some Said...

Some said I had lost my mind,
The first time, on you, when I laid my eyes;
I was not sure if I was thrilled or petrified,
Cos you saw through me with no lies.

Some said I couldn’t have fallen in love,
With just one glance at you in the car;
It should have been something more than a look,
But who knew this relation would go so far.

Some said I was blushing without reason,
Whenever your name was said out loud;
Who knew I was crazily falling forever,
Into your love, without no doubt.

Some said I was rushing things up,
When the first ...

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It Hurts

If Love is forever you told me one day…
If love will last and never go away…
If love is good, love is kind, love is true…
Then why does it seem that I still love you?

Why does it hurt now that you've gone away…
Why do I sit, missing you every day…
Why do I cry, at the sound of your name…
I thought it mattered to us but, for u, was it only a game?

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