Treasure Island

Rachel Lyman Field

(1894-1942 / the United States)

Poems of Rachel Lyman Field

1. And the Place Thereof 9/7/2010
2. Cranberry Road 9/7/2010
3. I'd Like To Be A Lighthouse 9/7/2010
4. If Once You Have Slept On An Island 9/7/2010
5. No one knows the reason why 9/7/2010
6. North of Time 9/7/2010
7. Something told the wild geese 9/7/2010

Cranberry Road

I'd like to be walking the Cranberry Road,
Where the sea shines blue through the bristling firs,
and the rocky pastures are overgrown
With bayberry bushes and junipers;
Where orchards of bent old apple trees
Go trooping down to the pebbly shore,
And the clapboard houses are seaward turned,
With larkspur clumps at every door;
Where there's plenty of time to say good-day

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