Quotations About / On: TRUST

  • 11.
    Trust dies but mistrust blossoms.
    (Sophocles (497-406/5 B.C.), Greek tragedian. Oedipus Colonus, l. 611.)
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    Trust is a mutual thing, which can be obtained by people who know ones perfection and imperfection.
    (Tony md chamasense, @charity tutu, @facebook...#2015)
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    A home is built on love and trust not bricks and mortar....
    (James Fitzpatrick)
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  • 14.
    'Trusting on yourself is the first step towards the success.'
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    'Trust & Sacrifice are the important part of any Love story.'
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    Love, care & Trust not only exist in a relation if two opposite sex, it can be given to a beautiful relation called circle of friends
    (Menkato Awomi)
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  • 17.
    Trust no one but yourself. someday someone will gonna stab your back.
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  • 18.
    Never make your parents distrust on you because they are the one who always have the great faith and trust on you forever.
    (Anamta Ali Pasha)
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  • 19.
    Those people upstairs think that Karl Marx was somebody who wrote a good anti-trust law.
    (Warren Beatty (b. 1937), U.S. actor, director, screenwriter, and Trevor Griffiths. John Reed (Warren Beatty), Reds, of the Socialist Party right wing (1981).)
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  • 20.
    Never trust a husband too far, nor a bachelor too near.
    (Helen Rowland (1875-1950), U.S. journalist. "Finale," A Guide to Men (1922).)
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