Quotations About / On: SOMETIMES

  • 1.
    Sometimes not to be in Debate,
    Sometimes not to be in Reasoning,
    Sometimes do believe in Belief.
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  • 2.
    sometimes insomnia is a catalyst to producing inspired art sometimes we must just surrender slip past insomnia and rest
    (Terence George Craddock March 31 2015)
  • 3.
    Sometimes beautiful things enter into our lives,
    not from nowhere but a Divine Blessing from our Creator.
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  • 4.
    Criticism sometimes is really praise, and praise sometimes slander.
    (François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680), French writer, moralist. repr. F.A. Stokes Co., New York (c. 1930). Moral Maxims and Reflections, no. 149 (1665-1678), trans. London (1706).)
  • 5.
    A day is sometimes our mother, sometimes our stepmother.
    (Hesiod (c. 8th century B.C.), Greek didactic poet. Works and Days, 825.)
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  • 6.
    It is sometimes necessary to lie damnably in the interests of keeping the peace at home
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  • 7.
    Sometimes the best advice is taking none.
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  • 8.
    Sometimes slow is the fastest you can go
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  • 9.
    Sometimes it's better to be clueless
    (Meriam Joseph)
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  • 10.
    lies within everybody's hands
    but is sometimes
    too heavy to carry
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