Quotations About / On: LOSS

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    Sometimes we feel the loss of a prejudice as a loss of vigor.
    (Eric Hoffer (1902-1983), U.S. philosopher. Reflections on the Human Condition, aph. 166 (1973).)
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    The loss of enemies does not compensate for the loss of friends.
    (Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), U.S. president. Letter to William H. Seward, June 30, 1862. Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, vol. 5, p. 295, Rutgers University Press (1953, 1990).)
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    Bad company is as instructive as licentiousness. One makes up for the loss of one's innocence with the loss of one's prejudices.
    (Denis Diderot (1713-1784), French philosopher, encyclopedist, dramatist, novelist, art critic. First published in French retranslation from Goethe's German translation (1821). Rameau's Nephew (Le Neveu de Rameau), p. 90, Paris, Garnier Flammarion (1983). Dialogue between Me (alias Diderot) and Him (nephew of composer). Him is making this statement.)
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    We may loss wealth, it is recoverable, we may loss health it is curable, but if we loss morality we loss all. It is not compensate-able.
    (Wealth and life)
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    'For the battles you have won, you'll fear no loss'
    (Bolami Lawal)
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    Immeasurable, is the distance of loss that never quits, never ends.
    (July 2015)
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    Irrational behavior can result in senseless and profound loss.
    (Walterrean Salley January 2006)
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    Renewing worn dress is mere loss, can a dress of old patches be patched! ?
    (For dirty person or cheating idea.)
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    'Win or loss remain the same if honoring the will of God'
    (From my poem 'God is a Comedian')
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    My win or loss only hurts the one who cares.
    (Thought of this while gaming with a friend. Questioned why some people can't seem to handle winning and loosing. Why they don't appreciate the opportunity for adventure. Turn's out it has to do with the focus, obsession, predisposition to compare and contrast thinking (OCD/PATTERN MIMICRY) .)
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