Quotations About / On: FOREVER

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    'Forever is not forever; there's only one eternity.'
    (Adam M. Snow)
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    'Bad news: Nothing lasts forever. Good news: Nothing lasts forever' -Unknown
    (This quote speaks to me in many ways. It's a quotation full of mixed emotions. Nothing lasting forever is both positive and negative. When going through heartbreak and sadness, it doesn't last forever, though it feels like it will. When going through love and happiness, you want it to last forever, but the reality kicks in soon enough.)
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    Nothing lasts forever...
    (- Glory Gloom)
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    The truth remains the same forever.
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    The truth is forever.
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    You will only know what forever exactly is if you will Who God really is.
    (One of my defenses in my position to the so-called 'Forever or No Forever' debate of the Filipino youth in the social media.)
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    A storm doesnt last forever it ends in due time.
    (Challenges are not permanent)
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    You live life momentarily but your goodness lives forever
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    Marry a materialistic lady and you will forever remain a poor man in society.
    (Materialism among modern ladies.)
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    Money and many go with time but what you are within lives with you forever!
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