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Quotations From NANCY CHODOROW

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  • Parenting, as an unpaid occupation outside the world of public power, entails lower status, less power, and less control of resources than paid work.
    Nancy Chodorow, U.S. professor, and sociologist. The Reproduction of Mothering Psychoanalysis and the Sociology of Gender, ch. 2 (1978).

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  • A concern with parenting...must direct attention beyond behavior. This is because parenting is not simply a set of behaviors, but participation in an interpersonal, diffuse, affective relationship. Parenting is an eminently psychological role in a way that many other roles and activities are not.
    Nancy Chodorow (20th century). The Reproduction of Mothering: Psychoanalysis and the Sociology of Gender, ch. 2 (1978).
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