Quotations About / On: DESTINY

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    Remember, you have a date with destiny; no, not ‘Destiny's Child.'
    (Walterrean Salley July 20,2015)
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    'I think my life move in one way, when my destiny will follow me in other way.if i can move fastly, destiny cannot capture me'
    (My thought about my life.)
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    The danger in happiness.—"Now everything turns out for the best for me, now I love every destiny:—who feels like being my destiny?"
    (Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), German philosopher, classical scholar, critic of culture. Friedrich Nietzsche, Sämtliche Werke: Kritische Studienausgabe, vol. 5, p. 91, eds. Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari, Berlin, de Gruyter (1980). Beyond Good and Evil, "Fourth Part: Maxims and Interludes," section 103 (1886).)
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    Adolescents are the bearers of cultural renewal, those cycles of generation and regeneration that link our limited individual destinies with the destiny of the species.
    (Louise J. Kaplan (20th century), U.S. psychologist. Adolescence, ch. 12 (1984).)
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    'Let us keep our pens fuelled up, one day they'll write destiny'
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    One's destiny isn't actually destined, it is created.
    (Supriya Prathapan)
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    A date with destiny or a date with doom.
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    Nature and Destiny are both bent by Will, not Wishes.
    (To Will power.)
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    'Everyone is responsible for their own destiny.'
    (Trenton Hunt)
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    often walking across moors of life, destiny bleeds! ! !
    (extreme hurdles are often found in one's life and is all the game of destiny.)
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