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    The moon's whitewash by sea did bleach the gold sands of the beach and did on highland blanch the crimson petaled branch
    (Saiom Shriver)
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    If sitting on a beach, with a drink, under a palm tree, it's easy to tell one in rain to 'just be calm' see.
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    The first dead man on Omaha Beach must be a sailor!
    (Paddy Chayefsky (1923-1981), U.S. author, screenwriter, and Arthur Hiller. Admiral Jessup (Melvyn Douglas), The Americanization of Emily, recurring line (1964). The Admiral, in a delusional state, decides the first casualty on D-Day must be from the Navy in order to help the Navy's publicity. Based on the novel by William Bradford Huie.)
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    She walked on, comforted by the surf, by the one perpetual moment of beach-time, the now-and-always of it.
    (William Gibson (b. 1948), U.S. science fiction (cyberpunk) writer. Mona Lisa Overdrive, ch. 3, Bantam Spectra (1988).)
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    The world, as a rule, does not live on beaches and in country clubs.
    (F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940), U.S. author. Letter (undated) to his daughter Frances Scott Fitzgerald. The Crack-Up, ed. Edmund Wilson (1945). Fitzgerald was referring to the life of a writer: "So much writing nowadays suffers both from lack of an attitude and from sheer lack of any material, save what is accumulated in a purely social life.")
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    Yet there is no spring in Florida, neither in boskage perdu, nor on the nunnery beaches.
    (Wallace Stevens (1879-1955), U.S. poet. "Indian River.")
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    Associating with evil people, but not expecting to be accused; is like sand on the beach not expecting to be drawn into the sea by a wave.
    -Phyllis Strong
    (Use wisdom in who you hang out with.)
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    Family values are a little like family vacations—subject to changeable weather and remembered more fondly with the passage of time. Though it rained all week at the beach, it's often the momentary rainbows that we remember.
    (Leslie Dreyfous (20th century), U.S. author. AP story, The New York Times (October 25, 1992).)
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    Stay on the beach. The natives over there are cannibals. They eat liars with the same enthusiasm as they eat honest men.
    (Earl Felton, and Richard Fleischer. Captain Nemo (James Mason), 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, to Ned and Conseille, who have promised they will not try to run away if allowed to land on shore (1954). Based On The Novel By Jules Verne.)
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    Words today are like the shells and rope of seaweed which a child brings home glistening from the beach and which in an hour have lost their lustre.
    (Cyril Connolly (1903-1974), British critic. The Unquiet Grave, pt. 3 (1944, rev. 1951).)
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