Poetry Contests

National Translation Awards

American Literary Translators Association

Deadline: Friday, April 7, 2017

Entry Fee: $ 50.00

Award: $ 2,500.00

Website: http://www.literarytranslators.org

E-mail: bpenzer@literarytranslators.org

Two prizes of $2,500 each are given annually for a book of poetry and a book of prose translated from any language into English and published in the previous year. For the poetry prize, poetry collections and verse dramas in translation are eligible; for the prose prize, short story and essay collections, novels, memoirs, prose drama, and hybrid prose works in translation are eligible. Publishers may submit a book published in 2016 by April 7. The entry fee is $50 for presses that publish more than 10 titles each year, and $30 for presses that publish fewer than 10 titles each year. Visit the website for complete guidelines.

American Literary Translators Association, National Translation Awards, 900 East 7th Street, PMB 266, Bloomington, IN 47405. Brittany Penzer, Managing Director.

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