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[Ms.] (july 27 1994 / California, but move around a lot.)

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I'm 19 with a knack of finding the worst and best of life and reveling its most complicated questions.
So here I am, sharing these intriguing aspects of life with you, and placing them here for you to read. I am very interested in science and the way our world is today. I have much to learn about the world and am always seeking to learn new things.
I love music and mystery as well as a good book atoned with answers to fill my limitless curiosity.
I am a colorful person and am very acceptable of different beliefs. I am always eager to hear the opinion of others and am always willing to adapt to change. If there is something I have written that you disapprove of, tell me. I will not take offense. I would be glad to change my style of writing time to time to better suite my readers.
Please comment if you find something you like.
Enjoy the poetry and thank you for your time.

I care about all even if not in myself. if you need someone to talk to, contact me. I will listen. And I will not judge you. I, am here to help~

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Harmony? (thought)

i fell to my knees,
when i felt a cool breeze.
i had close my eyes only to see,
the world turn its back on me.
the sun and moon were guiding me,
to friends and family in harmony,
but only if they could truly see,
my eyes are shut,
I'm on my knees,
and not with them in harmony.

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