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  • 229.

    Imagine a world without toy dinosaurs,
    or camping on bedroom floors.
    Imagine a world without the magic - of why,
    or a cape on your back that makes you fly.
    Imagine a world without spacemen and then…
    Imagine a world without gannappolasses
    which we all know is a cross between giraffes and

    Imagine a world without crayons on the wall,
    or Daddy’s 10 feet tall.
    Imagine a world without tricycles and bicycles,
    or hot summer days with melting grape Popsicle’s.
    Imagine a world without Cowboys and Indians and then…
    Imagine a world without gannappolasses,
    which we all know is a cross between giraffes and

    Imagine a world without tag and baseball,
    or red rover come over and lemonade for all.
    Imagine a world without ferries and Santa Clauses,
    or bunnies and baskets and no good causes.
    Imagine a world without skinned knees and chins and then…
    Imagine a world without gannoppolasses,
    which we all know is a cross between giraffes and

    Imagine a world without laughter and smiles,
    or braces with wire miles and miles.
    Imagine a world without fireflies and ladybugs,
    or arms reaching up for good night hugs.
    Imagine a world without children and then…
    You can imagine a world without gannoppolasses,
    which we all know is a cross between giraffes and
    hippopotamus’s. read more »

  • 230.
    Dark World

    After light was separated from darkness
    The world now begin to fear the dark world
    As the day turn night
    And darkness came to take over the world read more »

  • 231.
    Before I Knew the World

    Before I knew of the world
    The world knew all about me
    Before I grew into the world
    The world grew all about me read more »

  • 232.
    World Behind a Door

    The door creeps open to expose
    A world that is unknown to most.
    Maybe a child's dream or an adult's
    wish finally coming reality, Whatever read more »

  • 233.
    The Day Of Reckoning

    The world shall weep on the day of reckoning
    The people shall weep with the world
    The animals shall weep with the world
    The life force shall wither and fade never to return read more »

  • 234.
    The World

    The world today is just a big war zone read more »

  • 235.
    Two Angels

    Floating spirit, unwanted
    Wandering, no purpose
    Desolate, trapped in this grim world
    Anguish, no hope, forgotten read more »

  • 236.

    Doomed to a world where pain always bleeds
    Doomed to a world of money and greed
    Doomed to a world of no peace just war
    Doomed to a world of blood guts and gore read more »

  • 237.
    From A 3rd World Country

    I lived in a 3rd world country
    but that does not mean
    i've got nothing to say
    Coz we also grow in our own way read more »

  • 238.
    Worldcup 2010 southafrica

    Africa Africa Africa
    Time to keep the gold
    Opportunity to host the world
    Invite world to solve our problems read more »

  • 239.
    Who Will Save the World?

    My heart bleeds watching the world's distressing moments
    Shame that no one can help as the world sinks
    Stinking around in a mess of heartlessness and lawlessness
    How did we get here to be lamed and shamed even by animals read more »

  • 240.



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