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Poems About: WINTER

In this page, poems on / about “winter” are listed.

  • 37.
    The Winter Moon

    Its the sweet sultry taste of winter on my lips,
    the shadow of the pale moonlight on my eyes,
    and behind the thin drapes of midnight clouds,
    amidst the stars shining bright and clear, read more »

    Amatulla Mohammadi
  • 38.
    Love lost, Empty, Vast

    Hot to touch, cold to love
    Lips like blush, Free like doves
    Trapped in corner, Eyes like dead
    Lovely words, Messed up head read more »

    Ivory Irving
  • 39.
    Winter Is Here!

    As the wind dances through the elm trees
    it brings down giant oaks
    and thick red woods to their knees
    and the ground is covered with the snows white cloak read more »

    olivia ruk ferarro
  • 40.
    The never-ending February

    Two summer's cannot melt the ice from that February
    Autumn is nearing but the cold still lingers
    My heart is frozen and I won't soon forget now that you've gone
    This is the longest winter of my life read more »

    Clove Beatty
  • 41.

    The way I feel about the winter
    Is terrible
    But I have the right to feel that way about the winter
    Because the winter is very hard for me read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 42.
    The First Day of Snow

    Snow, is a luxury
    In our tropical world
    Snow is a fable
    Never saw, never touched, never smell read more »

    Iris Rain
  • 43.
    Breeze Into Winter Song

    Breeze in a winter night
    Breeze whispers invites
    With flurries banter in winter
    Drip drops to surface so pure read more »

    Ency Bearis
  • 44.
    Winter Comes Back Again ?? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ????

    It's cold outside, but It's March, I feel Winter, but It's March here, People wear Winter's Clothes again, but It's March, read more »

  • 45.
    Slowly Into Winter

    the leaves slowly cascade down
    to the ground
    as winter turns slowly to winter read more »

    francis e.rudy
  • 46.
    Winter Rainy Day

    It is still raining
    It is pouring rain
    It is chilly and windy
    It is winter day read more »

    sherif monem
  • 47.

    on the reddish evening
    The jasmine spreads its flavour
    Thiny dew covers the earth
    Among the winter! read more »

    swagathnath rajeswari
  • 48.

    Winter is a frisky steed,
    gusting frosty breath.
    Winter is the ancient oak,
    knowing more than men. read more »

    Todd Garland
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