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Poems About: WINTER

In this page, poems on / about “winter” are listed.

  • 361.
    Cold winter night

    It was a cold winter night.
    All was deadly still.
    My guts so tight
    I must kill! read more »

    Ronald Brissette
  • 362.
    Alaskan Balladry

    Krinken was a little child,-
    It was summer when he smiled.
    Oft the hoary sea and grim
    Stretched its white arms out to him, read more »

    Eugene Field
  • 363.

    Krinken was a little child,--
    It was summer when he smiled.
    Oft the hoary sea and grim
    Stretched its white arms out to him, read more »

    Eugene Field
  • 364.
    oh, the winter is here!

    The farmer couldn’t hear the cock’s crowing,
    Though it was six in the morning.
    I fumbled for the clock, bedside
    Because it was still dark outside. read more »

    fadinginto oblivion
  • 365.
    Winter Night's Moon Glow

    <center>Would you like to go with me?
    Perhaps better not… to go!
    I go into the woods at night you see
    Neath Winter night's Moon glow read more »

    David Whalen
  • 366.

    Welcome back home Father Winter
    we have waited all year for you.
    Your lovely trees, so tall
    their branches now bare read more »

  • 367.
    winter's whitest spurts

    Although John Clare declared that he
    saw spring in winter’s whitest spurts,
    for many this is hard to see
    when, freezing, all our body hurts, read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 368.
    A Winter's Dream -new-

    As night chased the dawn, morning followed,
    crunchy cold.
    Treading upon the blanket of white,
    bringing to light, it’s fluffy surprise.. read more »

    Lisa Doesburg
  • 369.

    Summer love is stifling
    Brings the cordoning heat
    Of the sun to the fore
    Beware your water lilies read more »

    BanishedFairy (a.k.a ngaka motaung)
  • 370.
    The Winter never came

    The winter never came

    It´s not cold outside, even thought its December.
    Where has the winter gone off to? read more »

    Maria Junnonen
  • 371.
    Spirit Of Winter

    T'was a pleasant winter morning
    belle walked home from the village square
    after days of snowing and blizzards
    streaks of daylight had broken through the clouds read more »

    amal roshan
  • 372.
    The Sonnets To Orpheus: Book 2: XIII

    Be ahead of all parting, as though it already were
    behind you, like the winter that has just gone by.
    For among these winters there is one so endlessly winter
    that only by wintering through it all will your heart survive. read more »

    Rainer Maria Rilke
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