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Poems About: WINTER

In this page, poems on / about “winter” are listed.

  • 25.

    There are no words for this
    this aching, groaning, growling, moaning
    feeling inside
    like everything is frozen solid read more »

    Joanna Hamilton
  • 26.

    read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 27.

    read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 28.
    Winter's sun

    There is something about the winter's sun,
    That aspires hope after struggle
    The wait for tomorrow after
    long cold shivering nights; read more »

    azmat naushad asif
  • 29.
    The Traveler

    In the dark and in the gloom
    with clouds up above in the heavens,
    marring the light
    the full moon has to shine, read more »

    Prasanna Kumar
  • 30.

    Why is winter late this year?
    Will it come or not, I fear?
    Sometime it’s cloudy, sometimes sunny,
    They play hide & seek, how funny! read more »

  • 31.
    Mother Nature Can Be Fickle

    Winter’s cold is Mother Nature’s way
    Of saying, lie with me now, lay your head on my breast
    It’s snow, a blanket under which to lay
    Neath a crystal cover, enjoying winter's cold caress read more »

    David Whalen
  • 32.
    Wine by the Fire on a Cold Winter Night

    Wine by the fire on a cold winter night a Gelid concordant. The snows of winter has fallen; and the
    Winds are decrescent
    Wildlife are
    Indefatigable read more »

    J. Thomas, Jr.
  • 33.
    On The Winter Beach

    On The Winter Beach

    I walk on the winter beach
    from here to there read more »

    Suchoon Mo_
  • 34.
    Spring Rains (a Villanelle)

    There shall come Spring rains
    When all seems lost to the cold decay
    And Winter shall release its icy reign read more »

    Sheri Walters
  • 35.

    Winters days are gray
    And cold in their way.
    A mystery Mist
    Swirls gently with a twist read more »

    Katie Stoker
  • 36.

    I know the winter is cold
    It brings out your fears
    All throughout the years
    I know the winter is cold read more »

    Courtney Beaudry
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