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Poems Of The Wind - Poem by Saiom Shriver


More nonviolent than
a Buddhist monk's
soft feather broom
is the gentle wind,
when he wishes to be.


On the desk a book open, windblown to a different page
with his airy finger underlining a message from the angels


Said the Weathervane: I am not a flake
but an obedient instrument
of divine windwill.


Ripe dandelion seed windsired
as open hearts by God's words fired


Oh the playful wind fans the sea
As Spirit makes reality of Divine Fantasy.


The Memphis Belle took a sudden dive
that high wind extinguish
the fire in the right wing Rushing Spirit
extinguishes evil.


Some strive to beat
their drums in music time
but the wind randomly plays
on her windchimes.


The sea windkissed
with whitecaps bloomed


All finite arks
and shelters sooner or later shut their doors
God open my heart door
a little more


By dawn drawn
dandelion down
is falling down
falling down
and floating
still at sundown
the soft snow
of her spun down


Slowly swimming
in the sky
a pod of greywhale
clouds, baby wisps
trailing along behind,
soon to bless all
with the rain of grace.
They are a backdrop
for starflakes of
prana which float


At intermission the
wind pulled a greycloud
curtain over the stage.
The main actor, the sun,
needed no rest
nor any new dress.


A mountain of ice
by spring's river riven.
A mountain of snow
away by winds driven.


near the sound of waves uncurling
oer unmolested oysters' pearling
neath eastmoving clouds' unfurling
and the downpour of the sunlight swirling
the spinning heliotropes are still twirling

The cataract is carolling without the help
of winter winds.


Plumes of spray, hurricane
smash gainst rock
by time riven
.. an ecstasy
to the sea
by God given


It was a time when more pennants
streamed from the chimney
as red fire's stokes
released grey smoke


By the wind blown
by the wind sewn
after on the wind flown
the seeds settle
to make Mother Earth gowns

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