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Poems About: WIND

In this page, poems on / about “wind” are listed.

  • 13.
    The Wind

    Wind blowing through the trees.
    Wind playing in the leaves.
    Wind brushing against the sky.
    Wind knocking over you and I. read more »

    Mishaal Javed Dawar
  • 14.
    Wind Of Fate

    There is a wind never heard of
    A wind we've all soared
    Every bit of humanity has once been a submissive wife
    Or rather a humble slave to this wind read more »

    Taiwo Lasisi
  • 15.
    As the cold wind blows

    As the cold wind blows
    I smile and laugh
    As the cold wind blows
    Im warm and safe read more »

    Troy Nichols
  • 16.
    word association

    To lose - Le Trec
    Le Trec - short
    Short - cake
    Cake - eat read more »

    Frank E Gibbard
  • 17.
    Wind Haiku

    of the wind
    among the corn read more »

    Dónall Dempsey
  • 18.

    Wind eternal and ever lasting Wind
    Wherever on earth..there is the element wind

    How powerful the strength of the wind read more »

    Morhardt Carmen Mencita Monoi Angel
  • 19.
    Listen to the wind

    Listen to the tranquil sonatas of the
    Low blowing breeze and you'll think here
    Is Mozart descended from Heaven to
    Bring merriment to your happy heart read more »

    BanishedFairy (a.k.a ngaka motaung)
  • 20.
    Into The Wind

    The leaves are falling from the trees
    Children run and crunch them beneath their feet
    I see a smile on every single kid
    Smile for me, and jump into the wind read more »

    Gabe Florsheim
  • 21.
    'The Wind'

    Come the
    I live in
    wind..... read more »

    Chinweokwu Sunlight M. Ndubuisih
  • 22.

    One day, the wind but a breeze
    Subtle, gentle upon ones'face
    Puts ones' mind at ease
    Yet another day, harsh, rough against ones' face. read more »

    Alvin Schaut
  • 23.
    Forgive Me, My Enemy

    Forgive me. my enemy I have caused you such a harm
    You could not protect yourself by using any of your arm.

    Forgive me, my enemy that you could not measure my strength read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 24.
    The and My Wind

    Swishy air on my face,
    blows around,
    turning the leaves,
    carrying my cry, read more »

    Aamir Zain
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