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Poems About: WIND

In this page, poems on / about “wind” are listed.
  • 1.
    Riding The Wind Together

    My mind wandered aimlessly
    to another place and time

    far away in the distance read more »

    Heather burns
  • 2.
    Winds Of Fate

    The ill winds
    of fate
    keep howling read more »

    Heather burns
  • 3.
    Whirl Wind

    You came
    into my
    life like
    a whirl wind read more »

    Heather burns
  • 4.


    Wind blowing throught the trees
    Wind blowing the snow around read more »

    logan dillie
  • 5.

    You blow with the flowers
    You blow through the leaves on a tree
    Wind read more »

    Tanesha Thomas
  • 6.
    Wind Child Love Embracing

    wind child still
    I see your joy laughing eyes
    wind child still
    I see your warm eyes laughing read more »

    Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)
  • 7.
    God is in the wind

    Seize the touch of breeze
    For a moment, you freeze
    Cold things crawling inside
    God is in the wind read more »

    Siddharth Shah
  • 8.
    O' Wind

    Wind Wind just you blow,
    Like a stream just you flow,
    Like a rocket you are so fast,
    Like a bomb just you blast. read more »

    Avisek Rath
  • 9.

    Wind, why is it there
    Wind, how is it there
    Wind, when did it get there
    wind, where does it come from read more »

    jennifer marie
  • 10.
    ' Ride On The Wind... Forever.. '

    I Want To Ride On The Wind… Forever
    I Want To Ride Over Land and Sea
    I Want To Ride on The Wind… Forever
    … and I Want You Riding With Me… read more »

    MoonBee Canady
  • 11.
    Mhepo + Mhepo = Ma Mhepo

    Whose Wind? ? ?

    Hawa, Goath, Mhepo Wind. Vind Upepo, viento. Angin, vietor. Umpepo. WIND. Wind Vind. Am Talking about the Wind That God Created The Wind Wind That Gives Aura Which personify Breeze. read more »

    Poet jerrimos mugweni(ZVAVANHUVEVHU)
  • 12.
    'Wind Child'

    The Wind has a voice,
    A sad, sweet voice
    I've heard it sing
    Long and beautiful read more »

    Sahar Alive
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