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'Like Dust...' Version 2 Of Wedding Poem - Poem by Frances Macaulay Forde

…in the brightest moments of your life you will see me, know I am here,
but most of the time, forget you are surrounded until I pile myself onto
the surfaces of your life, obscure the view ~ stop you seeing clearly,

for I will blind you with dust. I have finally found the perfect place,
will settle proudly, content to exist in your garden, even when you shovel
me around, stack me on the side or toss me away turning me into mud

with tears… I will still be here. You'll see me hurrying as the sunlight
streams, to nestle happily once again in the nooks and crannies
of your everyday. As you work, I will lay waiting patiently on polished glass

for you to draw, or write, or whisper a reminder of me. When you move
or brush me from your shoulder I will find a way to climb up, to be near
your heart once more, to hold you, to cover you with many, many particles

so light, so soft, so tender you won't be able to ignore me because I want
to go where you go and be where you are. I am found in every corner
of your life, all of your rooms, all of your emotions and all of your actions.

Remember I absolutely exist. I am on your breath ~ your clothes ~ your food.
I am outside, around and in you. I will multiply with every puff of kissed air,
each gentle breeze moving over your body, every cloud that shadows

the brilliance of your day, each current of warmth, every time you touch.
I am here resting on every surface of your life. You'll see so much dust
you'll want to claim it, write your name in it and make me yours ~ forever!

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

Please note: You are welcome to use this wedding poem
or my other version, A Wedding Vow ~ I am Love
but please, if you do, dropp me a line to say so
~ thanks…

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