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My Place At The End Of The Aisle - Poem by Jim Yerman

I had the honor of officiating a wedding recently and I had to stop and smile
You see I have a unique perspective from my place at the end of the aisle.

Everyone else faces the front, all eyes on the bride and groom
Since I am turned the other way I see everyone in the room.

One has to wonder, as we view world events, if love isn't on the decline
From my perspective at the end of the aisle I can is doing fine.

Love is clearly visible at every wedding I attend.
It's radiates and warms the hearts of family and friends.

It's in the tradition of matrimony and despite the changes it's been through.
It's still in something old, and something borrowed, something blue

It's in two simple words ‘I do' spoken as the knot is tied
It's in the gentle caress upon her daughter's by the mother of the bride.

It's in the squeeze of a hand between Mom and Dad as this new day's about to dawn
It's a smile they share as they wonder silently....where...has the time gone.

It's in the way people look at one another, it's in little whispers in the ears
It's in the gentle touch of two lovers hands, it's in the joyousness of their tears.

It's in the elation of a mother watching her son on this momentous day
It's in the pride of a father's smile as he gives his baby away.

It's in the look on the face of a young couple standing without pretense or pretext
It's in the wave of a touch spreading across the room from one generation to the next.

The wink of an eye, a pat on the shoulder, a hug, a kiss...the sounds
If you're looking for proof of love in this world...go to a's all around.

I think that's why I like officiating a's my way to gently compile
Proof that love still rules this world...from my place at the end of the aisle.

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