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Laundry Money - Poem by Aldo Kraas

Bad Boy
Can't wait for the sun to shine
When he wakes up in the morning
He gets up and gets ready to start his day
He is wearing his gang clothes for the day
Because he is the leader of the Bad Boy gang
All that the Bad Boy thinks is about making money fast
Dirty laundry money he needs it to pay the rest of the gangs
Bad Boy sells drugs in one street
The other gang members sells drugs in different streets
He makes more money selling drugs in the streets than working in a Store
And he knows it is addictive
Once you start to sell it you never want to stop it
In good days he makes over $ 3,0000.00 dollars
In bad days he makes only $ 550.00 dollars
It depends on the weather also
If the weather is good the business is booming
But when the weather is bad the business is slow
Sometimes it is necessary to get a few days of
It makes than mad
Because they need the money for living
And to stay in business
They like the job very much
They can't be bother with a job they hate because they know it is not Worth all the effort
People that buy drugs from them
Are people from all walks of life
Some are heavy drug users
Others use it in moderation
These days the Bad Boy sells drugs and you never know his real name
Because he never used that name when he is doing that business
Bad Boy make his living with his members in the street
They have no dignity for others
Dirty laundry money is a dream come through for the Bad Boy and its Members
They can never wait for it
Thursday it is pay day for its members
Good work guys
Bad boy tells them

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