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Poems About: WEATHER

In this page, poems on / about “weather” are listed.

  • 25.
    Confused Atmosphere

    Mother Nature may be confused, just like those, who have used,
    This demeaning title to describe, the very God they have denied,
    The Lord God, Who orders all, weather patterns, great and small,
    He may never enter their minds, while stirring weather of all kinds. read more »

    Bob Gotti
  • 26.
    Riding Together

    For many, many days together
    The wind blew steady from the East;
    For many days hot grew the weather,
    About the time of our Lady's Feast. read more »

    William Morris
  • 27.
    In This Weather, In This Windy Storm

    In this weather, in this windy storm,
    I would never have sent the children out;
    They were carried outside -
    I could say nothing about it! read more »

    Friedrich Rückert
  • 28.
    Darkness and Rain

    read more »

    isaiah ferguson
  • 29.
    February 23

    Light rain is falling in Central Park
    but not on Upper Fifth Avenue or Central Park West
    where sun and sky are yellow and blue
    Winds are gusting on Washington Square read more »

    David Lehman
  • 30.
    Whatever the Weather

    Whatever the weather
    They’ll tether the weather
    Whether we like it or not
    Spinning tales of global warming read more »

    Adrian Wait
  • 31.
    The Long Drought Is Over

    The long drought is over some weather experts believe
    But weather patterns the experts have been known to deceive
    In parts of the Country huge flooding the weather seems strange
    But then we are in the age of climate change read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 32.

    Come hither,
    Come hither my love
    When the infant sun shines
    And promises a sunny weather. read more »

    R.K Das
  • 33.

    </>Frozen love in this desert
    Melting heart in the Iceland
    I am calculating all unknowns
    Many babies are now born read more »

    Garland Jodie Jeen
  • 34.

    Now welcome Summer with thy sunne soft,
    That hast this winter`s weathers overshake,
    And driven away the longe nighties black.
    read more »

    Geoffrey Chaucer
  • 35.
    Sunny Weather

    Nothings meant to last forever, not this world
    or its sunny weather.
    Not these words or the voice from witch they gather. read more »

    charles carrelli
  • 36.
    The weather out is frozen

    The weather out is frozen
    the weather out be chill
    the weather out walks frosty
    but here read more »

    Emmanuel George Cefai
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