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Poems About: WARNING

In this page, poems on / about “warning” are listed.

  • 13.

    We have been believed
    So beautiful earth
    But we never realized it
    Until it got angry read more »

    Clara Odelia Ciutara
  • 14.
    (Every) Warning

    No way of trying to find who to be.
    No way leaves such a bad old cause
    A memory shall now twirl read more »

    Rich Downes
  • 15.
    The Apt Caveat

    At mid-noon today
    Keeping the sun at its bay
    Docile cloud roared and warned;
    Where on earth were the grains warmed, read more »

  • 16.

    Atención, All people

    Warning, warning, warning
    De alerta, alerta, alerta read more »

    Amy Lee
  • 17.
    Warning Bells

    Warning Bells
    Reaching for that bottle, your hand on that throttle,
    getting ready to ride without a guide,
    down that road, that road to hell. read more »

    Lucille van OnselenZunckel
  • 18.
    Trusting In Protective Modern Sea Walls

    modern Japan trusting in God science
    trusting in protective modern sea walls
    but modern sea walls too low are built
    built to height of smaller 1960 tsunami read more »

    Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)
  • 19.

    A spirit that walks among the lifeless,
    She dost wail a cacophony of inescapable sound,
    She warns impending death among the damned,
    A lustrious figment of air that truly was never there, read more »

    Crimson Love
  • 20.

    Unga Boo Ah was a little African boy of the Mamba
    tribe who loved animals
    They listened to him when he talked to them read more »

    Clarence A. Graham, Jr.
  • 21.
    All the Warning Signs

    the world is full of warnings
    so why do we fall
    we trip on the shadows
    of the things that are too tall read more »

    Audrey Marie Kay
  • 22.
    The Prophet

    He writes of love and hate
    He writes of good and bad
    He writes of cold and warmth
    He writes joy and laughter read more »

    Kenneth Umunna
  • 23.
    apostle's warning

    apostle's warning,
    this is the apostle's warning,
    keep integrated in love,
    for the earth front fought us, read more »

    Maxim Muyu
  • 24.
    A Bugle Played

    A bugle as a warning played
    From a watchman in the spire
    Allowed a city to defend itself
    From attack by Tater fire read more »

    Tomás Ó Cárthaigh
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