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Poems About: WAR

In this page, poems on / about “war” are listed.

  • 37.
    Ten Minutes

    It was ten minutes before the war
    The quietest thing you ever saw
    Ten minutes before the war
    And everything was looking good read more »

    Colin Coplin
  • 38.
    Gained From War

    War is stupid, wrong
    War causes only pain
    It kills both weak and strong
    Simply put war is insane read more »

    Rebecca Pepper
  • 39.
    This War’s for you..

    Microwave with packaging too

    This War’s for you read more »

    Ray Harrington
  • 40.
    The War's Inevitability and Peace's Inevitability

    A war is a war, but peace is not a war, If a war is inevitable, then there must be A war ugly or good anytime or anywhere, If peace is inevitable, then there must be Peace because it means something lovely and good, A war versus peace because they're greatly opposites A war when there is a war anywhere it means no peace and When there is peace read more »

  • 41.

    War, why war
    Why clean we these bloodstain floors? read more »

    Tim Neubauer
  • 42.
    Just Another War, Just Another War, Just Another War.

    Just another war
    Fighting insurgents in Iraq
    Call in the Air Force to attack
    And just go home read more »

    Gordon David
  • 43.
    Without Death, Bloodshed and Suffering

    Without death, bloodshed and suffering wars are never won
    And only hatred and grief survives when the fighting is done
    And war heroes honoured in every war street parade
    By war men the memories of war not allowed for to fade read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 44.
    At a War of Love

    I'm at a war
    A war of love
    Right now I am quite confused
    I don't know if it is Love love read more »

    Alejandra Moreno
  • 45.

    War is Prediction of Human race Destruction
    War causes Erosion of Gods Creation
    War Creates lot of Confussion, Which Leads to Confession
    War will put our life to rest read more »

    Narendra Kuppan
  • 46.
    The Warring Of Ours And Theirs

    The only constant thing change: they say
    war is also constant: don't you war
    For war is a change. eminent
    I keep on warring day and night read more »

  • 47.
    Time of War

    forget the coloring
    but don't forget to say goodbye
    good bye for the good matters
    good bye for the colorful world read more »

    Aryabod Siharyvani
  • 48.
    Enough Of War

    Enough of war from war there is no gain
    Only injuries, bloodshed and death and pain
    What we need is love and peace and harmony
    Enough of war and it's tragic history, read more »

    Francis Duggan
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