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Wallace: Book V - Poem by Blind Hary

The dyrk regioun apperand wondyr fast,
In Nouember quhen October was past
The day faillit, throu the rycht cours worthit schort.
Till banyst men that is no gret comfort.
With thar power, in pethis worthis gang,
Hewy thai think quhen at the nycht is lang.
Thus Wallas saw the nychtis messynger,
Phebus, had lost his fyry bemys cler.
Out of the wood thai durst nocht turn that tyd
For aduersouris that in thair way wald byde.
Wallace thaim tauld that new wer wes on hand,
The Inglismen was off the toun cummande.
The dure thai brak quhar thai trowyt Wallace was;
Quhen thai him myst thai bownyt thaim to pas.
In this gret noyis the woman gat away,
Bot to quhat steide I can nocht graithlye say.
The Sothroun socht rycht sadly fra that stede
Throu the South Ynch and fand thir two men dede.
Thai knew be that Wallace was in the strenth.
About the park thai set on breid and lenth
With vi hundreth weill graithit in thar armes,
All likly men to wrek thaim of thar harmes;
A hundreth men chargit in armes strang
To kepe a hunde that thai had thaim amang.
In Gyllis-land thar was that brachell brede,
Sekyr off sent to folow thaim at flede.
So was scho vsyt on Esk and on Ledaill;
Quhill scho gat blude no fleyng mycht awaill.
Than said thai all Wallace mycht nocht away,
He suld be tharis for ocht at he do may.
The ost thai delt in diuers part that tyde.
Schir Garrat Herroun in the staill can abide.
Schir Ihon Butler the range he tuk him till
With thre hundyr quhilk war of hardy will;
In-to the woode apon Wallace thai yeid.
The worthi Scottis, that wer in mekill dreid,
Socht till a place for till haiff yschet out
And saw the staill enwerounyt thaim about.
Agayne thai went with hydwys strakis strang.
Gret noyis and dyne was rayssit thaim amang,
Thar cruell deide rycht merwalus to ken,
Quhen xl macht agayne thre hundyr men.
Wallace so weill apon him tuk that tide
Throw the gret preys he maid a way full wide;
Helpand the Scottis with his der-worthi hand
Fell faymen he left fey vpon the land.
Yheit Wallas lost xv in-to that steid,
And xl men of Sothroun part war dede.
The Butleris folk so fruschit was in deid
The hardy Scottis to the strenthis throw thaim yeide.
On to Tay side thai hastyt thaim full fast;
In will thai war the wattir till haiff past.
Halff couth nocht swym that than with Wallas was
And he wald nocht leiff ane and fra thaim pas.
Bettir him thocht in perell for to be
Wpon the land, than willfully to se
His men to droun quhar reskew mycht he nane.
Agayne In Ire to the feild ar thai gayne.
Butler be than had putt his men in ray;
On thaim he sett with ane awfull hard assay
On athir side with wapynnys stiff off steill.
Wallace agayne no frendschipe lett thaim feill.
Bot do or de thai wist no mor socour.
Thus fend thai lang in-to that stalwart stour.
The Scottis chyftayne was yong and in a rage,
Vsyt in wer and fechtis with curage.
He saw his men off Sothroun tak gret wrang.
Thaim to raweng all dreidles can he gang,
For mony off thaim war bledand wondyr sar.
He couth nocht se no help apperand thar
Bot thar chyaftyne war putt out off thair gait,
The bryme Butler, so bauldlye maid debait.
Throu the gret preys Wallace to him socht.
His awfull deid he eschewit as he mocht.
Vndyr ane ayk wyth men about him set,
Wallace mycht nocht a graith straik on him get.
Yeit schede he thaim; a full royd slope was maid.
The Scottis went out, no langar thar abaid.
Stewyn off Irland, quhilk hardy was and wicht,
To helpe Wallace he did gret preys and mycht,
With trew Kerle douchty in mony deid.
Wpon the grounde feill Sothroun gert thai bleid.
Sexty war slayne off Inglismen in that place,
And ix off Scottis thair tynt was throuch that cace.
Butleris men so stroyit war that tide
In-to the stour he wald no langar bide.
To get supple he socht on to the staill.
Thus lost he thar a hundreth off gret waill.
As thai war best arayand Butleris rout.
Betuex parteys than Wallace ischit out.
Xvi with him thai graithit thaim to ga.
Off all his men he had lewyt no ma.
The Inglismen, has myssyt hym, in hy
The hund thai tuk and folowit haistely.
At the Gask woode full fayne he wald haiff beyne,
Bot this sloth brache, quhilk sekyr was and keyne,
On Wallace fute folowit so felloune fast,
Quhill in thar sicht that prochit at the last.
Thar hors war wicht, had soiorned weill and lang.
To the next woode, twa myil thai had to gang
Off vpwith erde, thai yeid with all thar mycht.
Gud hope thai had for it was ner the nycht.
Fawdoun tyryt and said he mycht nocht gang.
Wallace was wa to leyff him in that thrang.
He bade him ga, and said the strenth was ner,
Bot he tharfor wald nocht fastir him ster.
Wallace in Ire on the crag can him ta
With his gud suerd and strak the hed him fra.
Dreidles to ground derfly he duschit dede.
Fra him he lap and left him in that stede.
Sum demys it to ill and othir-sum to gud,
And I say her in-to thir termys rude,
Bettir it was he did, as thinkis me.
Fyrst to the hunde it mycht gret stoppyn be;
Als Fawdoun was haldyn at suspicioun
For he was knawin of brokill complexioun.
Rycht stark he was and had bot litill gayne.
Thus Wallace wist had he beyne left allayne,
And he war fals to Enemys he wald ga,
Gyff he war trew the Sothroun wald him sla.
Mycht he do ocht bot tyne him as it was?
Fra this questioun now schortlye will I pas.
Deyme as yhe lest, ye that best can and may,
I bott rahers as my autour will say.
Sternys be than began for till apper.
The Inglismen was cummand wondyr ner.
V hundreth haill was in thar chewalry.
To the next strenth than Wallace couth him hy.
Stewyn off Irland, wnwitting of Wallas,
And gud Kerle, baid still ner-hand that place,
At the mur syde in-till a scrogghy slaid
Be est Dipplyne quhar thai this tary maid.
Fawdoun was left besid thaim on the land.
The power come and sodeynly him fand,
For thair sloith hund the graith gait till him yeid.
Off othir trade scho tuk as than no heid.
The sloith stoppyt, at Fawdoun still scho stude.
No forthir scho wald fra tyme scho fand the blud.
Inglismen dempt, for ellis thai couth nocht tell,
Bot at the Scottis had fochtyn amang thaim sell.
Rycht wa thai war that losyt was thar sent.
Wallace twa men amang the ost in went,
Dissemlit weylle that no man suld thaim ken,
Rycht in affer as thai war Inglismen.
Kerle beheld on to the bauld Heroun
Vpon Fawdoun as he was lukand doun,
A suttell straik wp-wart him tuk that tide;
Wndir the chokkeis the grounden suerd gart glid
By the gude mayle, bathe hals and his crag bayne
In sondyr straik. Thus endyt that cheftayne.
To grounde he fell, feile folk about him thrang.
'Tresoune!', thai criyt, traytouris was thaim amang.
Kerlye with that fled out sone at a side.
His falow Stewyn than thocht no tyme to bide.
The fray was gret and fast away thai yeid,
Lawch towart Ern. Thus chapyt thai of dreid.
Butler for woo off wepyng mycht nocht stynt.
Thus raklesly this gud knycht haiff thai tynt.
Thai demyt all that it was Wallace men
Or ellis him self, thocht thai couth nocht him ken:
'He is rycht ner, we sall him haif but faill.
This febill woode may him litill awaill.'
Xl thar past agayne to Sanct Ihonstoun
With this dede cors, to berysing maid it boun,
Partyt thar men, syne diuers wayis raid.
A gret power at Dipplyn still thar baid.
Till Dawryoch the Butler past but let.
At syndry furdis the gait thai wmbeset;
To kepe the wode quhill it was day thai thocht.
As Wallace thus in the thik forrest socht,
For his twa men in mynd he had gret payne;
He wist nocht weill giff thai war tayne or slayne,
Or chapyt haile be ony ieperte.
Xiii war left with him, no ma had he.
In the Gask hall thair lugyng haif thai tayne.
Fyr gat thai sone, bot meyt than had thai nayne.
Twa scheipe thai tuk besid thaim of a fauld,
Ordanyt to soupe in-to that sembly hauld,
Graithit in haist sum fude for thaim to dycht.
So hard thai blaw rude hornys wpon hycht.
Twa sende he furth to luk quhat it mycht be.
Thai baid rycht lang and no tithingis herd he,
Bot boustous noyis so brymly blew and fast.
So othir twa in-to the woode furth past;
Nane come agayne, bot boustously can blaw.
In-to gret Ire he send thaim furth on raw.
Quhen him allayne Wallace was lewyt thar
The awfull blast aboundyt mekill mayr.
Than trowit he weill thai had his lugyng seyne.
His suerd he drew of nobill mettall keyne,
Syn furth he went quhar at he hard the horne.
With-out the dur Fawdoun was him beforn,
As till his sycht his awne hed in his hand.
A croys he maid quhen he saw him so stand.
At Wallace in the hed he swaket thar,
And he in haist sone hynt it by the hair,
Syne out agayne at him he couth it cast.
In-till his hart he was gretlye agast.
Rycht weill he trowit that was no spreit of man,
It was sum dewill at sic malice began.
He wyst no waill thar langar for to bide.
Vp throuch the hall thus wicht Wallace can glid
Till a clos stair, the burdis raiff in twyne;
Xv fute large he lap out of that In.
Wp the wattir sodeynlye he couth fair.
Agayne he blent quhat perance he sawe thar;
Him thocht he saw Fawdoun that hugly Syr,
That haill hall he had set in a fyr,
A gret raftre he had in-till his hand.
Wallace as than no langar walde he stand.
Off his gud men full gret meruaill had he,
How thai war tynt throuch his feyle fantase.
Traistis rycht weill, all this was suth in deide,
Suppos that it no poynt be of the creide.
Power thai had witht Lucifer that fell
The tyme quhen he partyt fra hewyn to hell.
Be sic myscheiff giff his men mycht be lost,
Drownyt or slayne amang the Inglis ost;
Or quhat it was in liknes of Faudoun,
Quhilk brocht his men to suddand confusioun;
Or gif the man endyt in ewill entent,
Sum wikkit spreit agayne for him present;
I can nocht spek of sic diuinite,
To clerkis I will let all sic materis be.
Bot of Wallace furth I will yow tell.
Quhen he wes went of that perrell fell
Yeit glaid wes he that he had chapyt swa,
Bot for his men gret murnyng can he ma,
Flayt by him self to the makar off buffe
Quhy he sufferyt he suld sic paynys pruff.
He wyst nocht weill giff it wes goddis will,
Rycht or wrang his fortoun to fullfill.
Hade he plesd god, he trowit it mycht nocht be
He suld him thoill in sic perplexite;
Bot gret curage in his mynd euir draiff,
Off Inglismen thinkand amendis to haiff.
As he was thus walkand be him allayne,
Apon Ern side makand a pytuous mayne,
Schyr Ihone Butler to wache the furdis rycht,
Out fra his men, of Wallace had a sicht.
The myst wes went to the montanys agayne.
Till him he raid quhar at he maid his mayne.
On loude he sperd, 'Quhat art thow walkis that gait?'
'A trew man schir, thocht my wiage be layt.
Erandis I pas fra Doun on to my lord.
Schir Ihon Sewart, the rycht for to record,
In Doune is now new cummyn fra the king.'
Than Butler said, 'This is a selcouth thing.
Thou leid all out, thow has beyne with Wallace.
I sall the knaw or thou cum of this place.'
Till him he stert the courser wondyr wicht,
Drew out a suerd, so maid hym for to lycht.
Abowne the kne gud Wallas has him tayne,
Throw the and brawn in sondyr straik the bayne.
Derffly to dede the knycht fell on the land.
Wallace the hors sone sesyt in his hand,
Ane awkwart straik syne tuk him in that sted.
His crag in twa, thus was the Butler dede.
Ane Inglisman saw thar chiftayne wes slayn;
A sper in reyst he kest with all his mayne,
On Wallace draiff fra the hors him to ber.
Warly he wrocht as worthi man in wer;
The sper he wan, with-outyn mor abaid
On hors he lap and throw a gret rout raid
Till Dawryoch; he knew the ford full weill.
Befor him come feyll stuffyt in fyne steill.
He straik the fyrst but baid in the blasoune,
Quhill hors and man bathe flet the wattir doune.
Ane othir sone doun fra his hors he bar,
Stampyt to grounde and drownyt with-outyn mar.
The thrid he hyt in his harness of steyll
Throw-out the cost; the sper to-brak sumdeyll.
The gret power than efftir him can ryd.
He saw na waill no langar thar to byd.
His burnyst brand braithly in hand he bar.
Quham he hyt rycht thai folowit him no mar.
To stuff the chas feyll frekis folowit fast
Bot Wallace maid the ganast ay agast.
The mur he tuk and throw thar power yeid.
The hors was gud, bot yeit he had greit dreid
For failyeing or he wan to a strenth.
The chas was gret, scalyt our breid and lenth.
Throw strang danger thai had him ay in sycht.
At the Blakfurd thar Wallace doune can lycht.
His hors stuffyt for the way was depe and lang;
A large gret myile wichtly on fute couth gang.
Or he was horst ridaris about him kest.
He saw full weyll lang swa he mycht nocht lest.
Sad men in deid wpon him can renew.
With retornyng that nycht xxty he slew.
The forseast ay rudly rabutyt he,
Kepyt his hors and rycht wysly can fle
Quhill that he come the myrkest mur amang.
His hors gaiff our and wald no forthyr gang.
Wallace on fute tuk him with gude entent.
The hors he straik or that he fra him went;
His houch sennownnis he cuttyt all atanys
And left him thus besyde the standand stanys,
For Sotheron men no gud suld off him wyn.
In heich haddyr Wallace and thai can twyn.
Throuch that doun-with to Forth sadly he soucht,
Bot sodandly than come in-till his thocht
Gret power wok at Stirlyng bryg off tre.
Seychand he said, 'No passage is for me.
For want off fude, and I haiff fochtyn lang,
On wer-men now me thynk no tyme to gang.
At Kamyskynnett I sall the wattir till.
Lat god abowne do with me quhat he will.
In-to this land langar I may nocht byd.'
Tary he maid sum part on Forthis syd,
Tuk off his weid and graithit him but mar.
Hys swerd he band, that wondyr scharply schar,
Amang his ger be his schuldris on loft.
Thus In he went, to gret god prayand oft
Off his hye grace the caus to tak on hand.
Our the wattyr he swame to the south land;
Arayede him sone, the sessone was rycht cauld,
For Piscis was in-tyll his dayis of auld.
Our-thwert the Kers to the Torwode he yeide.
A wedow thar duelt that helpyt him in neid.
Hiddyr he come or day begouth to daw
Till a wyndow and prewaly couth caw.
Thai sperd his nayme bot tell thaim wald he nocht
Quhill scho hir selff ner till his langage socht.
Fra tyme scho wist at it was wicht Wallace
Reiossyt scho wes and thankit god off his grace.
Scho sperd sone quhy he was him allayne.
Murnand he said, 'As now may haiff I nane.'
Scho askyt him quhar at his men suld be.
'Fayr deyme,' he said, 'go get sum meit for me.
I haiff fastyt syne yhisterday at morn.
I dreid full sar that my men be forlorn.
Gret part of thaim to the dede I saw dycht.'
Scho gat him meyt in all the haist scho mycht.
A woman he cald and als with hyr a child,
Syne bade thaim pas agayne thai wayis wild
To the Gask hall, tithingis for to sper
Giff part war left of his men in-to fer,
And scho suld fynd a hors sone in hir gait.
He bad thaim se giff that place stud in stait.
Tharoff to her he had full gret desyr
Becaus he thocht that it was all in fyr.
Thai passyt furth with-outyn tary mar.
Him for to rest Wallace ramaynit thar.
Refreschit he wes with meyte, drynk and with heit,
Quhilk causyt him throuch naturall cours to weit
Quhar he suld sleipe in sekyrnes to be.
The wedow had off hyr awne sonnys thre.
Fyrst twa off thaim scho send to kepe Wallace,
And gert the thrid go sone to Dwnypace
And tald his Eyme that he was hapnyt thar.
The persone yeid to se of his weyllfar.
Wallace to sleipe was laid in the wood syde.
The twa yonge men with-out hym ner couth byd.
The persone come ner and thar maner saw.
Thai beknyt him to quhat stede he suld draw.
The Rone wes thik that Wallace slepyt In;
About he yeid and maid bot litill dyn,
So at the last of him he had a sycht
Full prewalye, how that his bed was dycht.
He him beheld and said syne to him sell,
'Her is merwaill, quha likis it to tell.
This a persone be worthines of hand
Trowys to stop the power of Ingland.
Now fals fortoune, the myswyrkar of all,
Be awentur has gyffyn him a fall,
At he is left with-out supple of ma.
A cruel wyff with wapynnys mycht him sla.'
Wallace him herd quhen his slepe our-past;
Fersly he rays and said till him als fast,
'Thou leid fals preyst. War thow a fa to me
I wald nocht dreid sic othir x as the.
I haiff had mar syne yhisterday at morn
Than syk sexty war semblyt me beforn.'
His Eyme him tuk and went furth with Wallace.
He tald till hym off all his paynfull cace:
'This nycht,' he said, 'I was left me allayne,
In feyle debait with enemys mony ane.
God at his will my liff did ay to kepe.
Our Forth I swame, that awfull is and depe.
Quhat I haiff had in wer befor this day,
Presoune and payne, to this nycht was bot play,
So bett I am with strakis sad and sar.
The cheyle wattir vrned me mekill mar,
Eftir gret blud throu heit in cauld was brocht,
That off my lyff almost no thing I roucht.
I meyn fer mar the tynsell off my men
Na for my selff, mycht I suffir sic ten.
The persone said, 'Der sone, thow may se weyll
Langar to stryff it helpis nocht adeyll.
Thi men ar lost and nayne will with the rys.
For goddis saik wyrk as I sall dewys,
Tak a lordschipe quhar on at thow may liff.
King Eduuard wald gret landis to the giff.'
'Wncle,' he said, 'off sic wordis no mar.
This is no thing bot eking off my car.
I lik bettir to se the Sothren de
Than gold or land that thai can giff to me.
Trastis rycht weyll, of wer I will nocht ces
Quhill tyme that I bryng Scotland in-to pes,
Or de tharfor, in playne to wndyrstand.'
So come Kerle and gud Stewyn of Irland.
The wedowis sone to Wallace he thaim brocht.
Fra thai him saw of na sadnes thai roucht,
For perfyt Ioy thai wepe with all thar Eyne.
To ground thai fell and thankit hewynnys queyn.
Als he was glaid for reskew off thaim twa.
Off thair feris leyffand was left no ma.
Thai tald till him that schir Garrat was dede,
How thai had weyll eschapyt of that stede;
Throuch the Oychall thai had gayne all that nycht
Till Erth ferry or that the day was brycht;
How a trew Scot for kyndnes off Wallace
Brocht thaim sone oure, syne kend thaim to that place.
Als Kerle wyst gyff Wallace leyffand war
Nere Dwnypace that he suld fynd him thar.
The persone gart gud purwiance for thaim dycht.
In the Torwode thai lugyt all that nycht,
Quhill the woman that Wallace north had send
Retornd agayne and tald him till ane end
Quhat Inglismen in the way scho fand dede.
Feyll was fallyn fey in mony syndry sted.
The hors scho saw that Wallace had berefft
And the Gask hall standand as it was left,
With-out harme, nocht sterd off it a stane,
Bot off his men gud tithingis scho gat nane.
Tharoff he grewyt gretlye in that tyd.
In the forrest he wald no langar bid.
The wedow him gaiff part off siluir brycht,
Twa of hyr sonnys that worthi war and wycht;
The thrid scho held becaus he lakit age,
In wer as than mycht nocht wyn wesselage.
The persone than gat thaim gud hors and ger,
Bot wa he was his mynd wes all in wer.
Thus tuk he leyff with-owtyn langar abaid.
In Dundaff mur that sammyn nycht he raid.
Schir Ihone the Grayme quhilk lord wes of that land,
Ane agyt knycht, had maid nane othir band
Bot purchest pes in rest he mycht bide still,
Tribute payit full sor agayne his will.
A sone he had bathe wys, worthi and wicht.
Alexandyr the fers at Berweik maid him knycht,
Quhar schawyn wes off battaill till haif beyne
Betuex Scottis and the bauld Persie keyne.
This yong schir Ihone rycht nobill wes in wer.
On a braid scheyld his fadyr gert him swer
He suld be trew till Wallace in all thing
And he till him quhill lyff mycht in thaim ryng.
Thre nychtis thar Wallace baid out off dreid,
Restyt him weill, swa had he mekill neid.
On the ferd day he wald no langar bide.
Schir Ihone the Grayme bownyt with him to ryd,
And he said nay, as than it suld nocht be:
'A playne part yeit I will nocht tak on me.
I haiff tynt men throw my our rakles deid.
A brynt child mayr sayr the fyr will dreid.
Freyndis haiff I sumpart in Clyddysdaill;
I will go se quhat may thai me awaill.'
Schir Ihon ansuerd, 'I will your consaill do.
Quhen yhe se tyme send prewale me to.
Than I sall cum with my power in haist.'
He him be-tuk on-to the haly gaist,
Saynct Ihone to borch, thai suld meite haill and sound.
Out off Dundaff he and thir four couth found.
In Bothwell mur that nycht remaynyt he
With ane Craufurd that lugyt him preuale.
Wpon the morn to the Gilbank he went,
Rasauit was with mony glaid entent,
For his der eyme yong Auchinlek duelt thar.
Brothyr he was to the schirreff off Ayr.
Quhen auld schir Ranald till his dede wes dycht.
Than Awchinlek weddyt that lady brycht
And childyr gat, as storyes will record,
Off Lesmahago, for he held off that lord.
Bot he was slayne, gret pete wes the mar,
With Perseys men in-to the toun of Ayr.
His sone duelt still, than xix yeris off age,
And brokit haille his fadris heretage.
Tribute he payit for all his landis braid
To lord Persie, as his brodyr had maid.
I leyff Wallace with his der wncle still.
Off Inglismen yeit sum thing spek I will.
A messynger sone throw the contre yeid.
To lord Persie thai tald this fellone deid;
Kynclewyn was brynt, brokyn and castyn doun,
The Captayn dede off it and Saynt Ihonstoun,
The Loran als at Schortwod schawis scheyn:
'In-to that land gret sorow has beyne seyn
Throuch wicht Wallace that all this deid has done.
The toune he spyit, and that forthocht we sone.
Butler is slayne, with douchty men and deyr.'
In aspre spech the Persye than can speyr,
'Quhat worth of him, I pray you graithlye tell'.
'My lord,' he said, 'rycht thus the cas befell.
We knaw for treuth he was left him allayne,
And as he fled he slew full mony ayne.
The hors we fand that him that gait couth ber,
Bot of hym self no othir word we her.
At Stirlyng bryg we wait he passit nocht.
To dede in Forth he may for vs be brocht.'
Lord Persye said, 'Now suthlye that war syne.
So gud of hand is nayne this warld within.
Had he tayne pes and beyne our kingis man
The haill empyr he mycht haiff conquest than.
Gret harme it is, our knychtis that ar ded.
We mon ger se for othir in that sted.
I trow nocht yeit at Wallace losyt be.
Our clerkys sayis he sall ger mony de.'
The messynger said, 'All that suth has beyne.
Mony hundreth that cruell war and keyne
Sene he begane ar lost with-out ramede.'
The Persye said, 'Forsuth he is nocht ded.
The crukis off Forth he knawis wondyr weylle.
He is on lyff, that sall our nacioune feill.
Quhen he is strest than can he swym at will.
Gret strenth he has, bathe wyt and grace thartill.'
A messynger the lord chargyt to wend
And this commaunde in wryt with him he send:
Schir Ihone Sewart gret schirreff than he maid
Off Sanct Ihonstoun and all thai landis braid.
In-till Kynclewyn thar duelt nayne agayne.
Thar was left nocht bot brokyn wallis in playne.
Leiff I thaim thus reulland the landis thar
And spek I will off Wallace glaid weillfar.
He send Kerle to schir Ranald the knycht,
Till Boyd and Blayr that worthi war and wicht
And Adam als his cusyng gud Wallace;
To thaim declarde off all this paynfull cas,
Off his eschaipe out off that cumpany.
Rycht wondyr glaid was this gud chewalry
Fra tyme thai wyst that Wallace leiffand was.
Gude expensis till him thai maid to pas.
Maister Ihone Blayr was offt in that message,
A worthy clerk, bath wys and rycht sawage.
Lewyt he was befor in Parys toune
Amang maisteris in science and renoune.
Wallace and he at hayme in scule had beyne.
Sone eftirwart, as verite is seyne,
He was the man that pryncipall wndirtuk,
That fyrst compild in dyt the Latyne buk
Off Wallace lyff, rycht famous of renoun,
And Thomas Gray persone off Libertoune.
With him thai war and put in storyall,
Offt ane or bath, mekilll of his trauaill,
And tharfor her I mak off thaim mencioune.
Master Ihone Blayr to Wallace maid him boune.
To se his heyle his comfort was the mor,
As thai full oft togyddyr war befor.
Syluir and gold thai gaiff him for to spend.
Sa dyde he thaim frely quhen god it send.
Off gud weylfayr as than he wantyt nane.
Inglismen wyst he was left him allane.
Quhar he suld be was nayne off thaim couth say,
Drownyt or slayne, or eschapyt away,
Tharfor off him thai tuk bot litill heid.
Thai knew him nocht, the les he was in dreid.
All trew Scottis gret fauour till him gaiff,
Quhat gude thai had he mysterit nocht to craiff.
The pes lestyt that schir Ranald had tayne.
Thai iiii monethis it suld nocht be out gane.
This crystismes Wallace ramaynyt thar.
In Laynrik oft till sport he maid repair.
Quhen that he went fra Gilbank to the toune,
And he fand men was off that fals nacioune
To Scotland thai dyde neuir grewance mar.
Sum stekyt thai, sum throttis in sondir schar.
Feill war sone dede bot nane wyst quha it was.
Quham he handlyt he leyt no forthir pas.
Thar Hesylryg duelt, that curssyt knycht to waill.
Schyrreff he was off all the landis haill,
Felloune, owtrage, dispitfull in his deid;
Mony off him tharfor had mekill dreid.
Merwell he thocht quha durst his peple sla.
With-out the toune he gert gret nowmir ga.
Quhen Wallace saw that thai war ma than he,
Than did he nocht but salust curtasle.
All his four men bar thaim quietlik.
Na Sotheron couth deme thaim mys, pur no rik.
In Lanryk duelt a gentill woman thar,
A madyn myld, as my buk will declar,
Off xviii yeris ald or litill mor off age.
Als born scho was till part off heretage.
Hyr fadyr was off worschipe and renoune
And Hew Braidfute he hecht of Lammyngtoune,
As feylle othir was in the contre cald.
Befor-tyme thai gentill men war off ald.
Bot this gud man and als his wiff wes ded.
The madyn than wyst off no othyr rede,
Bot still scho duelt on trewbute in the toune
And purchest had king Eduuardis proteccioune.
Serwandys with hyr, off freyndis at hyr will,
Thus leyffyt scho with-out desyr off ill;
A quiet hous as scho mycht hald in wer,
For Hesylryg had done hyr mekill der,
Slayne hyr brodyr quhilk eldast wes and ayr.
All sufferyt scho and rycht lawly hyr bar.
Amyabill, so benyng, war and wys,
Curtas and swete, fulfillyt of gentrys,
Weyll rewllyt off tong, rycht haill of contenance,
Off wertuous scho was worthy till awance,
Hummylly hyr led and purchest a gud name.
Off Ilkyn wicht scho kepyt hyr fra blame.
Trew rychtwys folk a gret fauour hir lent.
Apon a day to the kyrk as scho went
Wallace hyr saw as he his eyne can cast.
The prent off luff him punyeit at the last
So asprely, throuch bewte off that brycht,
With gret wnes in presence bid he mycht.
He knew full weyll hyr kynrent and hyr blud
And how scho was in honest oys and gud.
Quhill wald he think to luff hyr our the laiff
And othir quhill he thocht on his dissaiff,
How that hys men was brocht to confusioun
Throw his last luff he had in Saynct Ihonstoun.
Than wald he think to leiff and lat our-slyd,
Bot that thocht lang in hys mynd mycht nocht byd.
He tauld Kerle off his new lusty baille,
Syne askit him off his trew best consaill.
'Maister,' he said, 'as fer as I haiff feyll,
Off lyklynes it may be wondir weill.
Sen ye sa luff, tak hir in mariage.
Gudlye scho is and als has heretage.
Suppos at yhe in luffyng feill amys
Gret god forbede it suld be so with this!'
'To mary thus I can nocht yeit attend.
I wald of wer fyrst se a finaill end.
I will no mor allayne to my luff gang.
Tak tent to me or dreid we suffer wrang.
To proffer luff thus sone I wald nocht preffe.
Mycht I leyff off, in wer I lik to leyff.
Quhat is this luff? No thing bot folychnes.
It may reiff men bathe witt and stedfastnes.'
Than said he thus, 'This will nocht graithly be,
Amors and wer at anys to ryng in me.
Rycht suth it is, stude I in blis off luffe,
Quhar dedis war I suld the bettir pruff,
Bot weyle I wait, quhar gret ernyst is in thocht
It lattis wer in the wysest wys be wrocht,
Les gyf it be bot only till a deid;
Than he that thinkis on his luff to speid,
He may do weill, haiff he fortoun and grace.
Bot this standis all in ane othir cas,
A gret kynryk with feill fayis ourset.
Rycht hard it is amendis for to get
At anys off thaim and wyrk the obserwance,
Quhilk langis luff and all his frewill chance.
Sampill I haif; this me forthinkis sar.
I trow to god it sall be so no mar.
The trewth I knaw off this and hyr lynage.
I knew nocht hyr, tharfor I lost a gage.'
To Kerle he thus argownd in this kynd,
Bot gret desyr remaynt in-till his mynd
For to behald that frely off fassoun.
A quhill he left and come nocht in the toun.
On othir thing he maid his witt to walk,
Prefand giff he mycht off that languor slalk.
Quhen Kerle saw he sufferit payne for-thi,
'Der schir,' he said, 'Ye leiff in slogardy.
Go se youre luf, than sall yhe get comfort.'
At his consaill he walkit for to sport
On to the kyrke quhar scho maid residence.
Scho knew him weill bot as of eloquence
Scho durst nocht weill in presens till him kyth.
Full sor scho dred or Sotheron wald him myth,
For Hesilryg had a mater new begone
And hyr desirde in mariage till his sone.
With hir madyn thus Wallace scho besocht
To dyne with hyr, and prewaly hym brocht
Throuch a garden scho had gart wyrk of new,
So Inglismen nocht off thar metyng knew.
Than kissit he this gudle with plesance,
Syne hyr besocht rycht hartly of quentance.
Scho ansuerd hym with humyll wordis wise:
'War my quentance rycht worthi for till pryse
Yhe sall it haiff, als god me saiff in saille,
Bot Inglismen gerris our power faill
Throuch violence of thaim and thar barnage,
At has weill ner destroyt our lynage.'
Quhen Wallace hard hyr plenye petously
Agrewit he was in hart rycht gretumly.
Bathe Ire and luff him set in-till a rage
Bot nocht-forthi he soberyt his curage.
Off his mater he tald as I said ayr
To that gudlye, how luff him strenyeit sar.
Scho ansuerd him rycht resonably agayne,
And said, 'I sall to your seruice be bayne
With all plesance in honest causis haill;
And I trast yhe wald nocht set till assaill,
For yhoure worschipe, to do me dyshonour,
And I a maid and standis in mony stour
Fra Inglismen to saiff my womanheid,
And cost has maid to kepe me fra thar dreid.
With my gud wyll I wyll no lemman be
To no man born; tharfor me think suld yhe
Desyr me nocht bot in-till gudlynas.
Perchance ye think I war to law purchas
For tyll attend to be your rychtwys wyff.
In your seruice I wald oys all my lyff.
Her I beseik, for your worschipe in armys,
Yhe charge me nocht with no wngudly harmys,
Bot me defend for worschipe off your blude.'
Quhen Wallace weyll hyr trew tayll wnderstud,
As in a part hym thocht it was resoun
Off hyr desir, tharfor till conclusioun
He thankit hyr, and said, 'Gif it mycht be
Throuch goddis will that our kynryk war fre,
I wald yow wed with all hartlie plesance,
Bot as this tym I may nocht tak sic chance,
And for this caus, none othir, now I crayff.
A man in wer may nocht all plesance haiff.'
Off thar talk than I can tell yow no mar,
To my purpos, quhat band that thai maid thar.
Conclud thai thus and syne to dyner went.
The sayr grewans remaynyt in his entent,
Los off his men and lusty payne off luff.
His leiff he tuk at that tyme to ramuff,
Syne to Gilbank he past or it was nycht.
Apon the morn with his iiii men him dycht,
To the Corhed with-out restyng he raid;
Quhar his nevo Thom Haliday him baid,
And Litill als, Eduuard his cusyng der,
Quhilk was full blyth quhen he wyst him so ner,
Thankand gret god that send him saiff agayne,
For mony demyt he was in Strathern slayn.
Gud cher thai maid all out thai dayis thre.
Than Wallace said that he desirde to se
Lowmaban toun and Ynglismen that was thar.
On the ferd day thai bownyt thaim to far.
Xvi he was of gudle chewalre.
In the Knokwood he lewyt all bot thre.
Thom Halyday went with him to the toun;
Eduuard Litill and Kerle maid thaim boun.
Till ane ostrye Thom Halyday led thaim rycht
And gaiff commaund thar dyner suld be dycht.
Till her a mes in gud entent thai yeid.
Off Inglismen thai trowit thar was no dreid.
Ane Clyffurd come, was emys sone to the lord,
And four with him, the trewth for to record.
Quha awcht thai hors in gret heithing he ast.
He was full sle and ek had mony cast.
The gud wyff said, till applessyt him best,
'Four gentill men is cummyn owt off the west.'
'Quha dewill thaim maid so galy for to ryd?
In faith with me a wed thar most abide.
Thir lewit Scottis has leryt litill gud.
Lo, all thar hors ar schent for faut off blud.'
In-to gret scorn with outyn wordis mayr
The taillis all off thai iiii hors thai schayr.
The gud wyff cryede and petuously couth gret.
So Wallace come and couth the captayne mete.
A woman tald how thai his hors had schent.
For propyr Ire he grew in matelent.
He folowid fast and said, 'Gud freynd, abid
Seruice to tak for thi craft in this tyde.
Marschell thou art with-out commaund off me.
Reward agayne me think I suld pay the.
Sen I off laitt now come owt off the west
In this cuntre, a barbour off the best
To cutt and schaiff, and that a wondir gude,
Now thow sall feyll how I oys to lat blude.'
With his gud suerd the captayn has he tayn
Quhill hors agayne he marscheld neuir nayn;
A nothir sone apon the hed strak he
Quhill chaftis and cheyk vpon the gait can fle.
Be that his men the tothir twa had slayne.
Thar hors thai tuk and graithit thaim full bayne
Out off the toun; for dyner baid thai nayne.
The wyff he payit that maid so petuous mayne.
Than Inglismen fra that chyftayne wes dede
To Wallace socht fra mony syndry stede.
Off the castell come cruell men and keyne.
Quhen Wallace has thar sodand semle seyne
Towart sum strenth he bownyt him to ryd,
For than him thocht it was no tyme to byd.
Thar hors bled fast, that gert him dredyng haiff.
Off his gud men he wald haif had the laiff.
To the Knokwoode with-outyn mor thai raid,
Bot in-till it no soiornyng he maid;
That wood as than was nothir thik no lang.
His men he gat, syn lychtyt for to gang
Towart a hicht and led thar hors a quhill.
The Inglismen was than within a myill,
On fresche hors rydand full hastely.
Sewyn scor and ma was in thar chewalry.
The Scottis lap on quhen thai thar power saw.
Frawart the south thaim thocht it best to draw.
Than Wallace said, 'It is no witt in wer
With our power to byd thaim bargane her.
Yon are gud men, thar-for I rede that we
Euirmar seik quhill god send sum supple.'
Halyday said, 'We sall do your consaille,
Bot sayr I dreid or thir hurt hors will fayll.'
The Inglismen in burnyst armour cler
Be than to thaim approchyt wondir ner.
Horssyt archaris schot fast and wald nocht spar.
Off Wallace men thai woundyt twa full sar.
In Ir he grew quhen that he saw thaim bleid.
Him self retornde and on thaim sone he yeid,
Xvi with him that worthi was in wer.
Off the formast rycht freschly doun thai ber.
At that retorn xv in feild war slayne.
The laiff fled fast to thar power agayne.
Wallace folowid with his gud chewalrye.
Thom Halyday in wer was full besye,
A buschement saw that cruell was to ken,
Twa hundreth haill off weill gerit Inglismen.
'Wncle,' he said, 'our power is to smaw.
Off this playne feild I consaill yow to draw.
To few we ar agayne yon fellone staill.'
Wallace relewit full sone at his consaill.
At the Corheid full fayne thai wald haif beyne,
Bot Inglismen weyll has thar purpos seyne.
In playne battaill thai folowid hardely;
In danger thus thai held thaim awfully.
Hew off Morland on Wallace folowid fast.
He had befor maid mony Scottis agast;
Haldyn he was off wer the worthiast man
In north Ingland, with thaim was leiffand than.
In his armour weill forgyt off fyne steill
A nobill cursour bur him bath fast and weill.
Wallace retorned besyd a burly ayk
And on him set a fellone sekyr straik;
Baith cannell bayne and schuldir blaid in twa,
Throuch the myd cost the gud suerd gert he ga.
His speyr he wan and als the coursour wicht,
Syne left his awn for he had lost his mycht;
For lak off blud he mycht no forthir gang.
Wallace on hors the Sotheron men amang,
His men relewit, that douchty was in deid,
Him to reskew out off that felloune dreid.
Cruell strakis forsuth thar mycht be seyne
On athir side quhill blud ran on the greyne.
Rycht peralous the semlay was to se;
Hardy and hat contenyt the fell melle,
Skew and reskew off Scottis and Inglis als.
Sum kerwyt bran in sondir, sum the hals,
Sum hurt, sum hynt, sum derffly dong to dede;
The hardy Scottis so steryt in that sted.
With Halyday on fute bauldly that baid,
Amang Sotheron a full gret rowme thai maid.
Wallas on hors, in hand a nobill sper,
Out throuch thaim raid as gud chyftayne in wer.
Thre slew he thar or that his sper was gayn.
Than his gud suerd in hand sone has he tayne,
Hewyt on hard with dyntis sad and sar.
Quhat ane he hyt grewyt the Scottis no mar.
Fra Sotheron men be naturall resone knew
How with a straik a man euir he slew,
Than merwald thai he was so mekill off mayne;
For thar best man in that kynd he had slayne,
That his gret strenth agayne him helpyt nocht,
Nor nane othir in-contrar Wallace socht.
Than said thai all, 'Lest he in strenth wntayne,
This haill kynryk he wyll wyn him allayne.'
Thai left the feild, syne to thar power fled
And tald thar lord how ewill the formest sped;
Quhilk Graystok hecht, was new cummyn in the land,
Tharfor he trowit nane durst agayne him stand.
Wondir him thocht quhen that he saw that sicht,
Quhy his gud men for sa few tuk the flycht.
At that retorn xxti in feild was tynt,
And Morland als; tharfor he wald nocht stynt
Bot folowed fast with iii C but dreid,
And swour he suld be wengit on that deid.
The Scottis wan hors becaus thar awne couth faill,
In fleyng syne chesd thaim the maist awaill.
Owt off that feild thus wicht Wallas is gayn.
Off his gud men he had nocht losyt ayne.
V woundyt wes yeit blythly furth thai raid.
Wallace a space behynd thaim ay he baid,
And Halyday prewyt weill in mony place.
Sib sistir sone he wes to gud Wallace.
Warly thai raid and held thar hors in aynd,
For thai trowide weyll Sotheron wald afaynd
With haill power at-anys on thaim to sett.
Bot Wallace kest thar power for to let;
To brek thar ray he besyit hym full fast.
Than Inglismen so gretly wes agast
That nane off thaim durst rusch out off the staill,
All in a ray held thaim to-giddir haill.
The Sotheron saw how that so bandounly
Wallace abaid ner hand thar chewalry.
Be Morlandis hors thai knew him wondyr weill,
Past to thar Lord and tauld him euirilkdeill.
'Lo schir,' thai said, 'forsuth yon sammyn is he
That with his hand gerris so mony de.
Haiff his hors grace apon his feyt to bid
He dredis nocht throw v thousand to ryd.
We rede ye ces and folow him no mar,
For drede that we repent it syn full sar.'
He blamyt thaim and said, 'Men weyll may se
Cowartis ye ar, that for so few wald fle.'
For thar consaill yeit leiff thaim wald he nocht.
In gret Ire he apon thaim sadly socht,
Wailland a place quhar he mycht bargane mak.
Wallace was wa apon him for to tak,
And he so few, to bid thaim on a playne.
At Quenysbery he wald haiff beyne full fayne.
Apon him self he tuk full gret trawaill
To fend his men gyff that mycht ocht awaill.
A suerd he drew rycht manlik him to wer,
Ay wayttand fast gyff he mycht get a sper,
Now her, now thar, befor thaim to and fra.
His hors gaiff our and mycht no forthir ga.
Rycht at the skyrt off Quenysbery befell,
Bot wpon grace as my autour will tell,
Schir Ihone the Grayme that worthi wes and wicht,
To the Corhed come on the tothir nycht,
Xxxti with him off nobill men at wage.
The fyrst dochtyr he had in mariage
Off Halyday, was nevo to Wallace.
Tithandis to sper schir Ihone past off that place
With men to spek quhar thai a tryst had set,
Rycht ner the steid quhar Scottis and Ynglis mete.
Ane Kyrk-patryk that cruell was and keyne
In Esdaill wood that half yer he had beyne.
With Inglis men he couth nocht weyll accord.
Off Torthorowald he barron was and lord.
Off kyn he was and Wallace modyr ner;
Off Craufurd syd that mydward had to ster.
Twenty he had off worthi men and wicht.
Be than Wallace approchit to thar sicht.
Schir Ihon the Grayme quhen he the cowntir saw,
On thaim he raid and stud bot litill aw;
His gud-fadyr he knew rycht wondyr weyll,
Kest doun his sper and sonyeit nocht adeyll,
Kyrk-patryk als with worthi men in wer.
Fyfty in fronte at-anys doun thai ber.
Throuch the thikkest off thre hundreth thai raid.
On Sotheron men full gret slauchtyr thai maid,
Thaim to reskew that was in fellone thrang.
Wallace, on fute the gret power amang,
Gud rowme he gat throuch help off goddis grace.
The Sotheren fled and left thaim in that place.
Horsis thai wan to stuff the chas gud spede,
Wallace and his that douchty wes in dede.
Graystok tuk flycht. On stern horsis and stout
A hundreth held to-gyddir in a rout.
Wallace on thaim full sadly couth persew.
The fleyng weyll off Inglis-men he knew,
At ay the best wald pas with thar chyftayne.
Befor him he fand gud schir Ihone the Grayme
Ay strykand doun quham euir he mycht ourhy.
Than Wallace said, 'This is bot waist foly,
Comons to slay quhar chyftayns gayis away.
Your hors is fresche, tharfor do as I say.
Gud men yhe haiff ar yeit in nobill stait.
To yon gret rout for goddis luff hald your gait.
Sowndyr thaim sone. We sall cum at your hand.'
Quhen schir Ihon had his tayll weyll wndirstand,
Off nane othir fra thine-furth tuk he heid.
To the formast he folowid weill gud speid.
Kyrk-patryk als considiryt thar consaill.
Than chargyt thar men, 'All folow on the stayll.'
At his command full sone with hym thay met,
Sad straikys and sayr apone thaym sadly set.
Schyr Ihone the Grayme to Graystok fast he socht;
Hys prys pissan than helpyt him rycht nocht,
Vpon the crage a graith straik gat him rycht.
The burly blaide, was braid and burnyst brycht,
In sonder kerwyt the mailyeis off fyne steyll.
Throwch bayne and brawne it prochyt euirilkdeill,
Dede with that dynt to the erd doun him draiff.
Be that Wallace was semland with the laiff.
Derfly to dede feyle frekys thar he dycht.
Rays neuir agayne quhat ane at he hyt rycht.
Kyrk-patryk than, Thom Halyday and thar men,
Thar douchty deid was nobill for to ken.
At the Knokheid the bauld Graystok was slayne
And mony man quhilk wes off mekill mayne.
To saiff thar lyff part in the wood is past.
The Scottismen than relewit to-giddir fast.
Quhen that Wallace with schir Ihone Grayme wes met
Rycht gudlye he with humylnes him gret.
Pardown he ast off the repreiff befor
In-to the chas, and said he suld no mor
Formacioune mak off him that was so gud.
Quhen that schir Ihon Wallace weyll wndirstud,
'Do way', he said, 'tharoff as now no mar.
Yhe dyd full rycht. It was for our weylfar.
Wysar in weyr ye ar all out than I.
Fadir in armes ye ar to me forthi.'
Kyrk-patryk syne that wes his cusyng der,
He thankit hym rycht on a gud maner.
Nocht ane was lost off all thar chewalry.
Schir Ihone the Grayme to thaim come happely.
The day was downe and prochand wes the nycht;
At Wallace thai askit his consaill rycht.
He ansuerd thus, 'I spek bot with your leiff.
Rycht laith I war ony gud man to greyff,
Bot thus I say in termes schort for me:
I wald sailye, gyff ye think it may be,
Lowmaban hous quhilk now is left allayne,
For weyll I wait, power in it is lewyt nayne.
Carlauerok als yeit Maxwell has in hand.
And we had this thai mycht be bath a wand
Agayne Sotheroune that now has our cuntre.
Say quhat ye will, this is the best think me.'
Schir Ihone the Grayme gaiff fyrst his gud consent,
Syne all the layff rycht with a haill entent.
To Lowmaban rycht haistely thai ryd.
Quhen thai cum ner, nocht half a myill besid,
The nycht was myrk, to consaill ar thai gayne.
Off mwne nor stern gret perans was thar nayne.
Than Wallace said, 'Me think the land at rest.
Thom Haliday, thow knawis this cuntre best.
I her no noyis of feyll folk her about.
Tharfor I trow we ar the les in doubt.'
Haliday said, 'I will tak ane with me
And ryde befor the maner for to se.'
Watsone he callit: 'With me thow mak the boun.
With thaim thow was a nychtbour off this toun.'
'I grant I was with thaim, agayne my will.
Myn entent is euir to do tham Ill.'
Onto the yeitt thir twa pertly furth raid.
The portar come with-owt langar abaid.
At Ihone Watsone sone tythandis he couth as.
Opyn he bad, the Captayne cummand was.
The yett but mayr wnwysly he wp drew.
Thom Haliday sone be the craig him threw
And with a knyff he stekit him to dede,
In a dyrk holl kest him doun in that sted.
Ihone Watsone syne has hynt the keyis in hand.
The power than with Wallace wes cummand.
Thai entryt In, befor thaim fand no ma
Excep wemen, and sympill serwandis twa
In the kyching scudleris lang tyme had beyne.
Sone thai war slayne. Quhen the Lady had thaim seyne,
'Grace,' scho cryit, 'for hym that deit on tre.'
Than Wallace said, 'Mademe, your noyis lat be.
To wemen yeit we do bot litill Ill,
Na yong childir we lik nocht for to spill.
I wald haiff meit. Haliday, quhat sayis thow?
For fastand folk to dyne gud tym war now.'
Gret purwiance was ordand thaim befor,
Bath breid and aylle, gud wyne and othir stor.
To meyt thai bownyt for thai had fastyt lang;
Gud men off armes in-to the clos gert gang.
Part fleand folk on fute that fra thaim glaid
On the Knok-heid, quhar gret melle was maid,
Ay as thai come Ihon Watsone leit thaim in
And donn to dede with-outyn noyis or dyn.
Na man left thar that was off Ingland born.
The castell weyll thai wesyt on the morn,
For Ihonstoun send, a man off gud degre.
Secund dochtir forsuth weddyt had he
Off Halidays, nere neuo to Wallace.
Gret captayne thai made him off that place.
Thai leyffit him thar in-till a gud aray,
Syne wsched furth wpon the secund day.
Women had leyff in Ingland for to fayr.
Schyr Ihon the Grayme and gud Wallace couth cair
To the Corhed and lugyt all that nycht.
Wpon the morn the sone wes at the hycht;
Eftir dyner thai wald no langer byde,
Thar purpos tuk in Craufurd mur to ryd,
Schyr Jhon the Grayme with Wallace that was wycht.
Thom Haliday agayne retorned rycht
To the Cor hall and thar remanyt but dred.
Na Sotheroun wyst prynsuall quha did this dede.
Kyrk-patrik past in Aisdaill woddis wyd.
In saufte thar he thoucht he suld abid.
Schyr Jhone the Grayme and gud Wallace in feir,
With thaim xl off men in armes cleir,
Throuch Craufurd mur as that thai tuk the way
On Inglismen thar mynd ramaynit ay.
Fra Crawfurd Ihon the wattir doune thai ryd.
Ner-hand the nycht thai lychtyt apon Clyd,
Thar purpos tuk in-till a quiet waill.
Than Wallace said, 'I wald we mycht assaill
Craufurd castell with sum gud ieperte.
Schir Ihon the Grayme, how say yhe best may be?'
This gud knycht said, 'And the men war with-out,
To tak the hous thar is bot litill dout.'
A squier than rewllyt that lordschip haill,
Off Cummyrland borne, his name was Martyndaill.
Than Wallace said, 'My selff will pas in feyr
And ane with me off herbre for to speyr.
Folow on dreich giff that we mystir ocht.'
Edward Litill with his mastir furth socht
Till ane oystry and with a woman met.
Scho tald to thaim that Sothroune thar was set.
'And ye be Scottis I consaill yow pas by,
For and thai may yhe will get ewill herbry.
At drynk thai ar, so haiff thai bene rycht lang.
Gret worde thar is of Wallace thaim amang.
Thai trow that he has found his men agayne.
At Lowchmaban feyll Inglismen ar slayne.
That hous is tynt; that gerris thaim be full wa.
I trow to god that thai sall swne tyne ma.'
Wallace sperd of Scotland giff scho be.
Scho said him, 'Ya, and thinkis yet to Se
Sorou on thaim throw help off goddis grace.'
He askit hyr quha was in-to the place.
'Na man of fens is left that hous within.
Xxti is her makand gret noyis and dyn.
Allace', scho said, 'giff I mycht anys Se
The worthy Scottis maist maister In it to be!'
With this woman he wald no langar stand.
A bekyn he maid; schir Ihon come at his hand.
Wallace went in and bad bendicite.
The Capteyne speryt, 'Quhat bellamy may thow be
That cummys so grym? Sum tithandis till vs tell.
Thou art a Scot. The dewill thi nacioune quell!'
Wallace braid out his suerd with-outyn mar;
In-to the breyst the bryme Captayne he bar
Throuch-out the cost and stekit him to ded.
Ane othir he hyt awkwart vpon the hed.
Quham euir he strak he brystyt bayne and lyr.
Feill off thaim dede fell thwortour in the fyr.
Haisty payment he maid thaim on the flur,
And Eduuard Litill kepyt weill the dur.
Schir Ihon the Graym full fayne wald haiff beyne In.
Eduuard him bad, 'At the castell begyne,
For off thir folk we haiff bot litill dreid.'
Schir Ihon the Grayme fast to the castell yeid.
Wallace rudly sic routis to thaim gaiff
Thai twenty men derffly to dede thai draiff.
Xv he straik and xv has he slayne.
Edward slew v quhilk was off mekill mayne.
To the castell Wallace had gret desyr.
Be that Schir Ihone had set the yett in fyr.
Nane wes tharin at gret defens couth ma,
Bot wemen fast sar wepand in-to wa.
With-out the place ane ald bulwark was maid.
Wallace yeid our with-out langar abaid.
The wemen swne he sauffyt fra the dede;
Waik folk he put and barnys off that stede.
Off purwiaunce thai fand litill or nane;
Befor that tyme thar wictaill was all gayne.
Yeit in that place thai lugyt still that nycht,
Fra oystre brocht sic gudis as thai mycht.
Wpon the morn the hous thai spoilye fast.
All thing that doucht out off that place thai cast.
Tre-wark thai brynt that was in-to tha wanys,
Wallis brak doun that stalwart war off stanys,
Spylt at thai mycht, syne wald no langar bid.
On till Dundaff that sammyn nycht thai ryde
And lugit thar with myrthis and plesance,
Thankand gret god that lent thaim sic a chance.

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