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Poems About: TRUST

In this page, poems on / about “trust” are listed.

  • 229.
    Trust in me,

    Trust in me,
    For I know pain,
    Until you do I live in vain, read more »

    salma. torrez
  • 230.
    (Song Lyric 5) If You Love Someone

    If you love someone
    Then you trust him with your life
    When you look into his eyes
    ‘Cos if he lets you fall read more »

    Christopher McInnes
  • 231.
    She Who Lacks His Touch

    She who lacks his touch
    She with lack of trust
    Only to remain in dust read more »

    Morgan Bodden
  • 232.
    Don't Give Me Trust

    Don't you trust me,
    Don't you dare.
    You'll soon see,
    That you shouldn't have cared. read more »

    Amy Fifita
  • 233.

    You know my secrets
    you know all i know
    well not anymore
    You lost my trust read more »

    Emily Casbourn
  • 234.

    What does it take to give back trust
    when someone took it all away
    people take this word lightly
    it's not a word you can just say. read more »

    bobby kramer jr.
  • 235.

    So easily lost,
    Like a small child in Disney,
    Trust could bolt at any time. read more »

    Gabrielle L. Tastet
  • 236.
    Trust Me

    I wrote this poem for you
    because you need somthing to hold on to.
    When your world is falling down,
    trust me, I won't let you drown read more »

    Brittany Something
  • 237.
    Trust Deficit

    Trust deficit brings great strife
    As it slowly eats away one’s life
    Loss of faith, betrayal of trust
    Bring extreme grief and disgust. read more »

    Padmaja Iyengar
  • 238.
    Naked Nihilism

    Close your eyes
    He whispers to her,
    It will make it feel better,
    She does but it still hurts, read more »

    Abby Kimball
  • 239.
    I Trust……………

    I trust you with the treasure,
    Of my heart and soul.
    I know you’ll always cherish it,
    No matter how many years roll. read more »

    Vandana Pant
  • 240.

    I can see no way out,

    that sick feeling creeping up from my stomach,
    another lie just like your heart beating, read more »

    Ralph Acosta
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