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Poems About: TRAVEL

In this page, poems on / about “travel” are listed.

  • 37.
    Windshielded Birds

    Windshielded birds drawn on the highway
    from emona to trieste fro trieste to rome
    i travel the cages though i travel them my way
    speeding on the wheels dreaming of home read more »

    Miroslava Odalovic
  • 38.
    Wind screened wings

    Wind screened wings like a simple icon
    of waterful of rain and a handful of dust
    i travel the tunnels travel on my own
    intercity scanning nothing will last read more »

    Miroslava Odalovic
  • 39.
    Lyrics 1 for Pachelbel's Canon (I Love To Travel By Arts For Fun)

    Lyrics 1 for Pachelbel's Canon (I Love To Travel By Arts For Fun)
    - by Gordon Tseng (2012) read more »

    Gordon Tseng
  • 40.
    Life and Traveling

    Traveling can be fun right? But what does it mean to travel?
    Does it mean that your mind is gone or is it your body?

    When you think about traveling, you think oh I can go some where and have fun. Do people travel to get away from others or do they travel to get away from themselves? read more »

    Kristen Palmitier
  • 41.
    What for travel I am

    What for travel I am
    I travel more distance
    Not only some months and some years
    Many years passed with my travel read more »

    tsewang gon
  • 42.
    Spiritual Travel

    The heart has a tongue so bright, so red with muscular strength
    And able to converse with what is right and correct, with spiritual travel.

    The conversations are bigger than stories of the most ancient, read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 43.
    The Magic of the Breeze – 32 I used to travel by train

    I used to travel by train
    Previously too – The travel
    At night, the distant lights
    The stars in sky, hopeful dreams read more »

    Angelina Pandian
  • 44.
    The Traveller

    See as much as you can
    for it will be to your
    own benefit. read more »

    Solagbade Oyefara
  • 45.


    Do not hesitate
    as hesitation is leading to defeat. read more »

    Vida Nenadic
  • 46.

    Entering the Springtime of my life years ago
    Myriads of emotions sprinkled with bouts of woe
    Tested my metal and kept me sway
    As I traveled a journey toward The Way. read more »

    Mel (Carmela) Patterson
  • 47.
    >>>The Roads I Killed

    As many deaths of my life
    I caused many deaths, too,
    To the roads I chose to travel read more »

    Abdul Wahab
  • 48.
    Have You, Ever Been in Cathay ?

    People today, like to travel around,
    To places in big, places in small, and even,underground!
    They travel by plane or by bus, by a boat or a motor-cycle,
    Sometimes travel on a horse, or even a bicycle. read more »

    Yoseph Lupu
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