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Poems About: TOGETHER

In this page, poems on / about “together” are listed.

  • 349.

    Life is like a patchwork quilt
    put together by time
    part of yours is quilted
    also part of mine. read more »

    Grace V. Tidrow
  • 350.
    Together we grow...

    Whenever we're together
    You outshine the sun
    When I need a friend to hold
    Or a friendly listening ear read more »

    Mist Glantz
  • 351.
    When I Hear Music

    I'm taken to another world when i hear music.
    I hear the guitars, the drums, the singing
    Love stories, happy stories, sad stories,
    Different problems from different people, read more »

  • 352.
    You & Me

    You & Me together that is a matching pair.

    Were like star's in the sky, read more »

    Rachel Fogle
  • 353.
    Here By me

    I hope you're smiling now
    Bad luck likes the both of us
    But I could smile now
    Everything could fall apart.....again read more »

    Victor Osorio
  • 354.
    We Are The Same

    You are in the water the lake and seas
    As you are in the land the rocks and hills
    You are in the seasons birth love and life
    As you are in the seasons fish fruit and game read more »

    Sean Joyce
  • 355.
    Together Forever

    Do you remember the time we spent together?
    When we played our games,
    We thought we would be forever
    We used to talk of fame read more »

    Fox Nekitsune
  • 356.
    We Fly North

    We fly north!
    We fly north,
    And should be
    Concerned with read more »

    Slacker D.P.
  • 357.
    Exhale in the Morning


    We go dark and deep together
    To a place of healing and together read more »

    Nancy Vorkink
  • 358.
    I am Yours

    I am yours and you are mine
    For eons of time, we have been together
    Dancing through the heather read more »

    Clarence A. Graham, Jr.
  • 359.
    You, the one

    I once met you not knowing that someday you would be mine
    But whenever we talked I got that feeling all over me
    We shared too much of a history, that brought us together
    The two of us together would keep up forever read more »

    Babette Cretskens
  • 360.
    Goodbye Cry

    So as we say our last goodbyes
    I shall turn my head and hope not to cry
    You were all always there
    Together we learned to play fair read more »

    Courtney Beaulieu
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