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Poems About: TODAY

In this page, poems on / about “today” are listed.

  • 361.

    I've known you today
    I'll forget you tomorrow
    I love you today
    I'll hate you tomorrow read more »

    Karen May Mamaril
  • 362.

    Today is unbearable,
    I will weep.
    Today the grief is severe,
    I will ache. read more »

    Leigh Ladd
  • 363.
    Miserable thought

    Gloomy kind of feelings
    suddenly came....
    lingering into my mind
    darkening my today read more »

    mary das
  • 364.
    (2006) Forget Today

    Forget today my tired soul
    imagine you never said those destructive words
    another person no longer sees your worth
    but tomorrow brings a reason to hope read more »

    Deana Rode
  • 365.

    Today new
    Tommrow old...
    Yesterday new
    Today old... read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 366.

    No sound is lovely to ear today
    No sight pleases the eyes
    Time seems to be moving
    To the dead end read more »

    kriti krits
  • 367.
    Come Today

    Come today,
    I will watch sadness melt away,
    Come today,
    I will light my sunny ray, read more »

    Nick Hilton
  • 368.
    Today I Think It Would Be Fun

    Today i think it would be fun
    to go and get a machine gun
    today i think i really will
    find some nice targets just to kill read more »

    David Keig
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