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Poems About: TODAY

In this page, poems on / about “today” are listed.

  • 25.
    Just For Today

    Just for today I will open my eyes and thank the Universe for one more day
    Just for today I will look in the mirror and find one thing I like about myself
    Just for today I will smile at a stranger in the traffic
    Just for today I will greet someone I don't particularly like - and mean it read more »

    Mandi Ducroq
  • 26.
    The Old Woman and Today

    She awoke early with a pep today
    A glimmer in her eye and strong step today
    She thought of a menu that would bring a smile today
    as she thought of her husband so lovingly today read more »

    Complicated Simply
  • 27.

    And I wanna believe you,
    When you tell me that it'll be ok,
    Ya I try to believe you,
    But I don't read more »

    Gelatine Marimendi
  • 28.

    Today i thought about you,
    Today something remided me of you,
    Today i walked past you,
    But you didn't see me. read more »

    Jess Cox
  • 29.
    Last Card

    I died
    A thousand deaths read more »

    Little Star
  • 30.

    What a lovely day today was
    What a lovely day today will always be
    What a lovely day I had today
    Today was just meant for me read more »

    gerry mark
  • 31.
    I cried Today

    I cried today...and not cuz ur gone but becuz i thought feelingz were strong

    I cried today...and not by myself but wit that Keyshia Cole Song read more »

    Nesean Coombs
  • 32.
    Perhaps today is a good day to die

    If I die today
    I die Happy
    If I die today
    I die Sad read more »

    one who waits
  • 33.
    I Hurt Today

    I hurt today
    When everything matters
    I hurt today
    But I'm not gone read more »

    Megan Reily
  • 34.


    Today I can look at you
    Today I can think of you and not wonder read more »

    Lizelle 'Leasel' Martins
  • 35.
    A Year

    read more »

    Miranda Weller
  • 36.
    someday and just for today

    maybe someday
    I will shed a tear
    with no fear read more »

    nevaeh leelove
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