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Poems About: TODAY

In this page, poems on / about “today” are listed.

  • 229.
    What Is Today?

    read more »

    Anthony Ruiz
  • 230.

    Today it is the day and the time is now to go to sleep
    Today it is the day and the time is now to eat a healthy breakfast
    Today it is the day and the time to enjoy a little peace at home
    Today it is the day and the time to grow spiritualy read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 231.
    I Saw God Today.... For My Pal Smoky

    I saw God today, on a mountain high,
    As the wind blew through my hair.
    I saw God today in the clear blue sky,
    I felt small and humble there. read more »

    Juan Olivarez
  • 232.
    I Must Confess

    Today I confess to you
    one of my biggest fears
    That you don’t feel the same as I do. read more »

    Maria Segura
  • 233.
    If I Told You Today [song ]

    [ in tune with the old song
    'Have I Told You Lately That I love You' ] read more »

    norman hale
  • 234.

    Today is the day I put yesterday out of my mind
    Today is the day I take back my heart and soul
    Today is the day I put thoughts of you away
    Today is the day you’ll become a distant memory to me, I will no longer long to feel your touch or to be kissed by you read more »

    Kereema McDonald
  • 235.
    Empty Vein

    I found an empty vein today,
    And poured it down the sink.
    I found an empty vein today.
    They tell me what they think. read more »

  • 236.
    Everyone, and Myself

    today is a new day
    a new start
    clean and bright
    all shiny and new read more »

    Tony Hernandez
  • 237.
    Hell Froze Over Today

    You know the feeling
    When everything's going your way?
    I can describe that in just four words:
    Hell froze over today! read more »

    Andrew D Robertson
  • 238.
    Let me be this way….

    Let me live my life today,
    For tomorrow I cannot say.
    I may not know what I know today. read more »

    Bhawana Bhowmik
  • 239.
    yesterday, today, tomorrow

    Failed the test graduated anyway.
    Got the job, got the guy
    saved for a rainy day.
    Bought the boots and the umbrella read more »

    joy olree
  • 240.
    Today life Begins

    Today you're life begins all over again
    Today, you have the opportunity to be happy in it.
    Today you shall experience love, and feel the warmth
    of one who loves you, more than yesterday. read more »

    Charles Garcia
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