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Poems About: TODAY

In this page, poems on / about “today” are listed.

  • 109.

    Today as I sat
    I thought of you

    I thought of the days read more »

    Iveri Blak
  • 110.
    Vapors of Yesterday

    Yesterday we were enemies
    Today we are friends
    Yesterday you said you loved me
    Today marks the end read more »

    P.R. Prosper
  • 111.
    I Choose

    I choose to be terrific today,
    Though the atmosphere is cloudy and gray.
    No matter what comes my way this day,
    I choose to be terrific today. read more »

    Clephane Roberts
  • 112.

    I’m today,
    Following my dreams
    I’m today,
    Standing up to them read more »

    Sanya Zahid
  • 113.

    Its hard to love myself today
    eventhough i so need it, so feed me
    that hunger I really need
    Today read more »

    fabian montes
  • 114.

    I hope tomorrow won't come
    I want this night to last forever
    If i were to die tomorrow
    Then i would have wished i have more of today read more »

    JaiLynn Zimmerman
  • 115.
    Ill Wind

    The wind told me you’re leaving today
    With voice so harsh it laid trees bare
    Again he said you’re leaving today
    Hissed through the vines his ill tidings read more »

    Eddie Roa
  • 116.
    Today, Tonight

    Today I was in denial
    Tonight I felt lost
    Today I liked you
    Tonight it's so much more read more »

    Just In Love
  • 117.
    Here today&Gone tomorrow

    As i look at my surrounding's,
    I realized i could be here today and gone tomorrow,
    My mom's said to live my life and enjoy it,
    Because i could be here today and gone tomorrow, read more »

    Nalaysia vizcarrondo
  • 118.

    It’s been a while
    A while since his hand dialed my number
    But, today
    Today anything seems possible read more »

    Nikki Taboada
  • 119.
    today and tomorrow

    today is the last day
    today is the day i will never forget
    today is the day i dont come back read more »

    sxc babe xxx
  • 120.
    Today is the day

    Today is the day
    that we all give joice and thanks
    today is the day
    that we all love one another read more »

    alicia page
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