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Had You Loved, Superman, All Hearts Call, Simple Kiss And One Second - Poem by Oziyon LeDawn

Had you loved
So tell me had you loved the flames so hot it made your heart sizzle. A sweat sparked the torch that started a fire of desire that burned an Image deep inside your heart. It left an impression scorned in your mind but like on the fourth of July those flickering lights is like a flashing scene in your life fading away like the end of a fireworks show. Now that the secrets of the summer have been exposed, you know an open heart carries the burns from a heated pass. You know some smoke may steam the soul in a spring affair and sting the innocent that can turn a heart cold. So tell me did your still burn in the rain, was the flame still the same when the waterfalls came and was your fire still lit when the floods washed your heart away? So naive is the wick that wished for never weary. Through the streams of time a candle must carry it's on flame and knows that heart burn comes with pain.
Oziyon Le Dawn: written: 11-20-2011

If I was a Superman you would see me from ah far chasing all the villains away. Their vile I would rescue you from, I would pull you out of the wreckage. I would reserve time from your enemy's revenge to restore the dent in your heart. I would be the kind of hero who could manage the miseries of your mind and clime the mountains of pain to solve the mysteries of your soul. If I was a Superman I would fly through the storms in your life to hide you from all harm. I'll build a palisade away from the rain it would be your fortification from the pain. I would pick you up out of the debris, from the ruins I would take you and put you safely and my heart. I would be the kind of hero, that shelter in your life storms. If I was a Superman, I'll ease the earthquakes of your life and erase the mistakes of time. I would go to the center of the fault and give my heart to ease your aches; I would take the pain. I would be the kind of hero a rock to stand on and your syncline in what's apart. "O" how I wish I could be a Superman I could make miracles out of misfortunes, miraculous I would be. Consequences you'll never know you would witness magical from me. I would amend the troubles of transposition and fear no mayhem, nor could kryptonite cripple me. I would be the kind of hero brave through menace persecution; I could persevere through it all but I am your Superman.
Oziyon Le Dawn: written: 06-01-2009

All Lonely Hearts Call
Give me time to ease my pain anger only brings heartache and regrets. A destiny not chosen in life surprise, nightmares can hunt you. Under the moon light I watch my dreams sleep away while my heart slowly awakens. I look for away to mend my broken heart while time plays tricks on my mind. You can forget the things you knew and grow use to living in misery. If freedom is just another word for those who have nothing to gain then I say let it be earn through a lifetime of endurance. Victory is paved with the wars of time and empty memories. You see I am afraid of living and to lonely to just die, I wonder can I love gratefully. I believe that faith has brought me to this point my soul is whole while my heart remains in pieces but like the river of time I flow with the tides. I learned that you can't awaken a heart who does not dream of you and you cannot ease a pain that not your own. I give myself the freedom from the draft of self petty; I know now that open wounds can never heal if we continue to open them. When all lonely hearts call I know there is a reason for love and lost. For every night fall dawn will rise and shine across your face. Love is that truth a Devine power not known so no matter where I go in life love will always never forsaken me.
Oziyon Le Dawn: written: 10-16-2000

Simple Kiss
I want to be the one to peak your highest emotions. In case you didn't know it there are no facts in rumors. You are mentally in the core of me, liberties come with rules. Tears cannot fall without feelings. You can spend your whole life chasing the reflections of your mind but remember there is no draft without the wind no image for the eyes to see. I brace myself against my pain; I close my eyes and make believe I feel the magic you bring. You hold me close in ah interment embrace. I am hypnotized by you a Devine being a presents of grace. So if this is a dream then just let me sleep while this moment capture me knowing in what I feel is real. There is a sweet symphony in the sound of your voice, my emotions rise high while the ferries of my mind lose control. To think this moment started with just one simple kiss.

Oziyon Le Dawn: written: 01-02-2002

One Second
If I could take back that second in time, I would put aside that deep emotion that made my voice rise with anger. If I had back that second in time I would replace the tracks I laid to revenge road. If I could take that hand and tick it back that tock I would block and I would not know of this pain.
If I could take back that second in time I would heal the hurt I haunt my heart with today and my emotions would have not known anger. If I had back that second in time I would fight the fires I burned those bridges with. If I could take that hand of time and prime its well, it would do as I wish and I would feel all life with love and gifts.
If I could take back that second in time your eyes would not cry and you would always see me as you're dear. If I could take back that second in time I would erase the mistakes of yesterday that I have learned how to solve today with patience. If I had back that second in time I would fix the grievance I brought you when I took my heart away. If I could guide that hand of time I would untwine and so fine we would be.
In the sacred second of solitude swells the soul of emotion. Sanity sounds feeling of compassion is a heart who seeks forgiveness. For those feelings cannot be erased or consolidated. For that we pay we gain in salivation and now I know my second starts today.
Oziyon Le Dawn: written: 01-12-2009

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