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Poems About: TIME

In this page, poems on / about “time” are listed.

  • 109.
    It's About Time

    Yesterday I was thinking about tomorrow,
    and now tomorrow is today.
    Today I need to save time to make time
    'cause I don't have time to waste time. read more »

    Cindy Thacher
  • 110.
    Same Place, Same Time

    Same place, same time
    Same place, same time
    Same place, same time
    Same place, same time read more »

    Colin Coplin
  • 111.
    many times

    For beautiful people everywhere who just don't know it.

    So many times you have been wrong;
    So many times have I. read more »

    Lex Freedman
  • 112.
    Arrow of Time

    >>>>>time read more »

    Sonny Rainshine
  • 113.

    read more »

  • 114.
    Terrible place

    There is time to smell the flowers,
    There is time to drink the wine,
    We have time to sit and think
    About the love we left behind. read more »

    Char Pattrick
  • 115.
    The Reaper

    Time to forget, time to remember,
    Time to dim just like a black coal, and time to burn like an ember. read more »

    Barbara Norman
  • 116.
    Time in Iraq

    A time to fight,
    A time to pray,
    A time to leave,
    A time to stay. read more »

    Philip Lore
  • 117.
    This is the last time....

    This is the last time

    The last time you will ever see me
    The last time I will look into your eyes read more »

    Nikki Taboada
  • 118.
    Time To Start Anew With You

    Holding on to something
    A memory long ago
    Holding on to something
    Now it’s time to let it go read more »

    Colin Coplin
  • 119.

    Time takes us far away,
    But sometimes time isn't fair.
    With time passing over and over,
    Yet so confusing, read more »

    Kenny Mantinelli
  • 120.
    Every Time

    Every time I breathe I take, I remember that I have air
    Every time I step, I remember how to walk
    Every time I say hello, I remember how to talk
    Every time I see things, I remember how to open my eyes read more »

    Devon Dietz
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