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You Got The Tiger By The Tail - Poem by Joe Rosochacki

On Christmas, Feliz Navidad,
a cat named Tatiana was doing the usual big cats do,
Hanging out on chilly day,
after all she was a Siberian tiger,
minding her own business,
What happened later is terrible but true
She was startled to see a human leg over the fence.

The authorities starting piecing the actions that were brought forth,
Tatiana was killed, after attacking two men after she had killed another one.
Tatiana, some speculate, was taunted by the person that had his or her leg on the fence,
There were bloody footprints and shoe left by someone.

Paul Dhaliwal, as drunk and taunted Tatiana,
Tatiana attacked and paid with her life,
Kulber, Paul’s brother, was also injured but not so lucky was Carlos Sousa, Jr.
His demise was unforseen,
Paul did not see the New Year, -----He was dead at the scene.

The investigations went on trying to blame the zoo,
For the fencing on the cats exhibit was a few,
Feet short,
After all the cats didn’t escape for decades who knew?
Calls to 911 the brothers cry grim(m) ly,
The response was staggered from the inception of the call,
In the end Tatiana would pay for being a tiger,
she was shot.
Tatiana was not able to be free,
She was not able to be a predator,
A Siberian tiger is on the endangered species list,
But I say Tatiana will be surely missed,
For in the end, the three should be a lesson for all those that hear,
So there will not have to be another taunting, another mauling, --another killing,
Of a tiger.


The brothers that survived are attempting to get rich,
By their physical and emotional damaged they have incurred,
There are suing city for negligence and defamation, ain’t life a bee-atch,
For the city sake, the brothers were drunk and high on Marijuana,
The blood test inferred,
And they taunted Tatiana.
The city should counter sue for the loss of a threatened species Siberian Tiger,
I will soon wait for the report,
That this case has no merit and will be tossed out of court.

(amended 3-29-2008)

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