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Poems About: TIGER

In this page, poems on / about “tiger” are listed.

  • 37.
    #358 Haiku Union Of Peace

    Tiger's roar silent
    River gives warrior refuse
    A union of peace read more »

    A Poet Who Loves To Sing ....AlvesHolmes
  • 38.
    The White Tiger

    In the wildness the white tiger is so rarely found
    Having a very white colored fur with black deep stripes
    It’s a solitary genre wanting no one around
    With its retractable claw the white tiger the prey gripes. read more »

    Marieta Maglas
  • 39.
    Survival Of The Fittest

    It's another hot day
    The sun was high up in the sky
    Watchful Papa Tiger nudged his son and let out
    An excited cry for a hot pursuit read more »

    Ejiofor Alisigwe
  • 40.
    Save The Tigers

    The Tremendous Tiger Often a Reason of Pride.
    Bravery is what You Often Associate.
    People Often Associate.
    But it was all Past Tense. read more »

    rohan bendre
  • 41.
    The Light In The Tigers Eyes

    Sometime I cannot imagine the difference
    Between you and the blackest night
    You know those nights when only tigers stalk
    And lie waiting for the sound of your breath read more »

    Geoffrey Fafard
  • 42.
    Pack Of Wolves And An Ass

    Tiger, Tiger they all called him.
    Faces marked with smiles grim.
    Office buzzed with word tiger, tiger.
    He was one but many they were. read more »

    Md. Asadullah
  • 43.
    Pride Of India

    Hello, white tiger, long and sleek,
    Enrobed in black and white,
    Quite dignified and magnifique,
    A truly wondrous sight... read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 44.
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    What a dragon is Tibet?
    Spirituality raises its trees
    from the soil fertile.
    Its culture emits breezes read more »

    Denvor fernandez
  • 45.
    The Copper rule of the Corporate Jungle

    When the tigers will bring their carcasses and poop their waste matters; they expect others to clean it for them.
    Of course the tigers don’t know how to the clean their surroundings.
    They only know how to lick their own furs. read more »

    The Corporate Champs
  • 46.

    By nature blessed well bestowed maturity, still in full gleam
    Righteously proud in earned reared stripes of self-esteem
    Like knight flashes blackened brown Albion in heavy mail
    In tundra to temperate forest mastered savvy, head to tail. read more »

    Ian Fraser
  • 47.
    Tiger on the Prowl

    The Tiger flicked his whiskers and he smiled maliciously
    He was feeling rather hungry and considering his tea;
    His appetite was raging so his heart was filled with joy,
    When, with eyesight most splendiferous, he saw a tasty boy. read more »

    Thomas Vaughan Jones
  • 48.
    Portrait Of A Prince

    Behold the tiger's face up close,
    With all its deep-etched lines.
    Like charcoal ridges by his nose,
    How clearly each defines. read more »

    Denis Martindale
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