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Poems About: TIGER

In this page, poems on / about “tiger” are listed.

  • 325.

    Caves, like palaces,
    hotels, churches
    (and shoes) ,
    outlive their tenants. read more »

    Brian Taylor
  • 326.
    Billy Of One Hand

    His left hand severed just below the elbow
    And the nickname for him 'Billy of one hand'
    And he still feels quite angry with his father
    And why this should be not hard to understand. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 327.

    The tiger strolled quite merrily,
    As if without a qualm
    And those that watched could plainly see
    That he was mighty calm. read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 328.
    BoysIIMen, Tiger, Buddha and Nazarean-Israelites, Oh My!

    Shawn Stockman has been cheating on his wife for the past nine years.
    The Nazarean-Israelite was not Tiger Woods, but a former BoysIIMen.
    A man's vision of the world,
    -when you cite Biblical references that pertains to his life style- read more »

    Joe Rosochacki
  • 329.
    The Hypothetical Tiger

    A hypothetical tiger
    Walked into my work today.
    It didn't even knock.
    How it got past my alarm I can't imagine. read more »

    sheena blackhall
  • 330.
    The Fate Of An Innocent Dog

    When Tiger left his native yard,
    He did not many ills regard,
    A fleet and harmless cur; read more »

    George Moses Horton
  • 331.
    The Taoiseach’s New Clothes

    (or How the Celtic Tiger Became Extinct)

    A long time ago, when the Taoiseach
    once again didn’t know what to do, read more »

    Frank L. Ludwig
  • 332.
    For Jane

    225 days under grass
    and you know more than I.
    they have long taken your blood,
    you are a dry stick in a basket. read more »

    Charles Bukowski
  • 333.
    At the Zoo

    There are lions and roaring tigers,
    and enormous camels and things,
    There are biffalo-buffalo-bisons,
    and a great big bear with wings. read more »

    Alan Alexander Milne
  • 334.

    Welcome to the most wonderful amazing fantastic unbelievable circus in the world
    Let me introduce my enthralling chum to you read more »

    Nicole Heintz
  • 335.
    Behind Closed Doors

    Husband and wife may live their lives
    In their home that's filled with pride.
    It matters not how the mighty tiger roars,
    You don't know what goes on behind closed doors. read more »

    Hosezell Blash
  • 336.
    Dealing With Bullies

    The lion picks out his gazelle for the kill,
    As the herd stands around and watches.
    'Well, he picked the weakest one I guess.'
    The pack of hyenas pick out the Zebra to dissect, read more »

    Barry A. Lanier
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