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Poems About: TIGER

In this page, poems on / about “tiger” are listed.
  • 1.
    Tiger, Tiger (Not Kipling)

    Tiger, Tiger, up a tree.
    Tiger, Tiger come to me.
    Tiger, Tiger locked in a cage.
    Tiger, Tiger placed in a rage. read more »

    Elena Plotkin
  • 2.
    Tiger Eye

    Tiger Eye Tiger Eye
    Tiger Eye is here to spy
    Oh Tiger Eye who's here to spy
    My darling Tiger Eye I look in your eyes read more »

    Camilla Fodgaard
  • 3.

    Tiger with coat of dissimilar stripes,
    When he’s angry, tiger swipes,
    Tiger cautious, guarding his lair,
    Danger lurking, tiger aware. read more »

    Ernestine Northover
  • 4.
    Tiger, Tiger

    Tiger one to tiger two
    Tiger one says I love you
    Tiger two does not reply
    So tiger one, he starts to cry read more »

    Mark Eyre
  • 5.
    Eye of the Tiger

    Tiger, Tiger burning bright
    hunts his prey by neon light
    Real or bleached, you know the kind read more »

    John F. McCullagh
  • 6.
    To Tame the Tiger

    Taming the Tiger,
    is my additional task in the corporate jungle
    Taking extra careful
    That the tiger won’t eat or bite my hands read more »

    The Corporate Champs
  • 7.

    I know a tiger
    And I continue to let it surprise me

    But I am the predator read more »

    Hudson Black (Hudson D. Black Poet on FACEBOOK)
  • 8.
    saintly tiger

    here comes tiger
    he has reached old age
    he says i have lost my brave image
    i am subject of laughter even of cage read more »

    rohan bendre
  • 9.

    Tiger, peace
    Tiger, society read more »

    baki nasrullah
  • 10.

    Dark forests...Northern...Sourthern Mountains,
    Fierce tigers circle around the villages in broad daylight.
    ...To The red dawn of twilight
    The skies shine bright read more »

    Peter LeBuhn
  • 11.
    The Tiger and The Peacock

    ' The Tiger and The Peacock... '

    (From The Solomon Studies Series)
    (Eccl.3: 11 / Prov.6: 6 / Matt.6: 26,28,29) read more »

    MoonBee Canady
  • 12.
    Jim Corbett

    Jim Corbett great stories of maneaters told
    For some tigers become maneaters when they grow old
    For a frail or injured tiger a Human Being is easier prey
    But for killing a Human a tiger with his or her life has to pay. read more »

    Francis Duggan
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