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Poems About: THANKS

In this page, poems on / about “thanks” are listed.

  • 349.
    Thank You

    Thank you for pretending to celebrate with me.
    Thank you for going through the motions.
    Thank you for doing what you do.
    Going through the motions. read more »

    Andy Wood
  • 350.
    Thank you[english]

    I want to say thank you,
    Everyone who has always believed in me,
    It means a lot to me,
    To see, read more »

    Jenee Poindexter
  • 351.

    Oh lord
    How you manage this world?
    Thanks to two hands
    For touching the life's demands! read more »

    Persian Nightingale
  • 352.
    Just A Little Thanks

    Thank you for your care
    And Thank you for your love
    You were a gift brought to
    this world from heaven above read more »

    Dominique Gladney
  • 353.
    thanks Christ

    thanks Christ,
    Thanks for that Holy water,
    You came and lived with me forever,
    That you and I, read more »

    Maxim Muyu
  • 354.
    Either Way, Thanks Again

    Today I can finally thank you
    Thanks so much for tossing my heart in a shredder
    Thanks for making me feel blown off and unimportant that one last time read more »

    Indiscreet Episode
  • 355.

    thanks for saying hello everyday..
    thanks making me laugh right out loud..
    so thanks to you.... read more »

    suad alajmi
  • 356.
    Thanks for Everything

    thanks for being there
    when i had to go
    for all of the comforting words
    when i had no comfort to show read more »

    something changing
  • 357.
    Tea Party

    I thank you
    Thank you very much, sir
    I want you to know I hold you dear
    In this heart of stone read more »

    Brittaney Static
  • 358.
    Thank you

    Thank you all for being there
    to help me when im down
    Thank you for the love you showed
    when my heart was filled with hate read more »

    Analissa Range
  • 359.
    Daughter's One Morning Litany

    Would you like an egg?
    No thank you.
    Would you like some orange juice?
    No thank you. read more »

    Bill Grace
  • 360.
    Thanks Be To Him

    To Him, who I have not seen,
    But whose words I have heard,
    And touch I have felt,
    A heart full of thanks. read more »

    Santhosh Vijayakumar
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