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Poems About: THANKS

In this page, poems on / about “thanks” are listed.

  • 337.
    Morning Litany

    Would you like an egg?
    No thank you.
    Would you like some orange juice?
    No thank you. read more »

    Bill Grace
  • 338.
    Letter to JT Miller (1926-2006)

    Dear Daddy,

    Thank you for giving me the gift of life
    a lifetime opportunity read more »

    Jacqui Miller
  • 339.
    Stepped (Part 2)

    Thank you for breaking me
    Thank you for slowing me
    Thanks, but I ain’t a toy
    Thanks, but I am a simple boy read more »

    Edgar John Jackson
  • 340.
    Thank you

    As I sit here tonight
    I reflect on my life
    The good times
    and bad times too read more »

    Elizabeth Phaneuf
  • 341.

    Thank you Lord for this life
    Yes, there’s fun to remind me of its beauty
    And there’s sorrow to remind me of humility
    Yes, there are colorful lines read more »

    borgjie distura
  • 342.
    The Thank You

    When the daughter of fourteen years gave the unbidden ‘thank you’
    I was surprised – mind – not being on folded laundry
    It made me reflect on the father who raised me
    The emperor who never said thank you nor his boss read more »

    Bill Grace
  • 343.

    thank you for my callaus covered hands
    for the feeling of my guitar
    you taught me to be a man
    not impressed by my scars read more »

    D.J. Ray
  • 344.
    Thanks for Being Here

    Thanks for being here
    And give of your love a share
    Thanks for all good being
    And worth of the heart seeing read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 345.
    Dear Friend

    Thank you my dear friend
    for staying by my side
    thank you my friend
    for being part of my life read more »

    Tiffany Tootsiepop
  • 346.

    This chair I sit is my home
    This computor I type on my life
    These words I spell my pain
    This nightmare I live my punishment read more »

    vincent armone
  • 347.
    What do we give thank for

    what do we give thank for do we
    give it for love and hate or do
    we disresecpt and don't wait.
    what do we give thanks for do read more »

    darren westbrook
  • 348.
    I Thank You O Gracious God

    I thank You O Gracious God
    For things You gave me
    To live very long.
    Thank I O Almighty read more »

    Deepta Protik Osman
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