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Poems About: THANKS

In this page, poems on / about “thanks” are listed.

  • 229.

    saying thank you is not expensive
    be thankful be thankful be thankful
    be thankful for gift of life
    be thankful for gift of poetry read more »

    alexander opicho
  • 230.
    Thank You Lord

    I thank you Lord for hearing me
    When I get on my knees to pray
    I thank you Lord every day for life
    As I go from day to day. read more »

    Roger Horsch
  • 231.
    Thank you for staying in my life

    I thank you for all the things you did
    I thank you for all the prayers you did
    I thank you for being with me all the time like soul
    I thank you for being the shadow in my loneliness read more »

    Sunit Lalwani
  • 232.
    I Thank God


    I thank God. read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 233.
    Thank You Father

    Thank you O'Lord for the sun, the moon and the rain
    I have my health and strength so I don't complain
    Thank you for the air that I breathe
    And for providing the things that I need read more »

    Paul Adolphus
  • 234.
    Thank You Lord

    I am joyful in his presence
    I feel right with him by my side
    I want to rejoice with him
    Oh, Father I say thank you read more »

    Gregory PierreJerome
  • 235.
    Thank You-Prayer

    Dear God,

    Thank you Lord for continuously blessing our lives
    Thank you for opening our eyes read more »

    Ms. JStar
  • 236.
    Give Thanks

    We give thanks to God everyday;
    not just on Thanksgiving,
    but whenever we pray. read more »

    Phyllis Strong
  • 237.
    Thank You

    Sometimes my fears grip me so tight that I can’t breath
    And you are oxygen to me
    Sublime my life dreaming at night fantasy scheming
    With you speaking to me read more »

    Barbara Vanier
  • 238.
    Freedom words

    thanks my lord for all the challenges that make me stronger.

    thanks my lord for all the opportunities that take to my destiny. read more »

    Antonio Manjarrez
  • 239.

    read more »

    sudaan carter
  • 240.
    Thank You...

    Thank you for showing me what love really is.
    Thank you for showing me it's more than just a feeling.
    Thank you helping me trust others.
    Thank you for teaching me lies. read more »

    Emily Torres
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