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In this page, poems on / about “television” are listed.

  • 49.
    Bad Television

    once I beat a television to death
    it was a very cruel television, always showing me bad things
    almost as if it had some proclivity for badness
    but how can an inanimate thing have an inclination read more »

    Keith Rushing
  • 50.
    TV Guide

    i was a television hosting a cartoon,
    on early saturday mornings, to take away your blues,
    i was your comedian on those rainy afternoons,
    giving you a smile in a soothing room, read more »

    Jordan Crider
  • 51.
    Coming Back To Home Earlier

    If you come back to your home
    regularly earlier
    and if you never get out of home later
    not necessary that your wife and children read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 52.
    Television Is Not Your Friend (Television)

    Television is hypnotic and addictive
    You become mezmorized and hypnotized
    Your TV manufactured from pixels of
    Red, green and blue read more »

    R.K. Cowles
  • 53.
    My dreams

    I have many dreams
    That I would like to do
    Before I die, they include
    Meeting Maya Angelou, read more »

    Christa Rhodes
  • 54.

    I feel myself going angry
    Out of control again
    I have to learn to relax
    And be less angry read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 55.
    A Bit o' Fun!

    (For the girls) - Scene - Bedroom.
    Television On.

    Who wants hot-rocking read more »

    Fay Slimm
  • 56.

    Super Vision,
    With or without
    Supervision. read more »

    Paul Butters
  • 57.

    Once they said that it was the the Russians that would do us in.
    Wo! I strongly disagree.
    Cigarettes and Television and Apathy did win! read more »

    Brian McBrand
  • 58.
    A Guiding Light is No More

    After 72 years from radio to the dawn of television,
    Before yours truly graced the face of this earth,
    A soap will have its demise come this fall.
    It CBS’s decision, read more »

    Joe Rosochacki
  • 59.
    mystic chord

    Memory, whose mystic chord
    suggests existence of the Lord,
    draws some to Gustav's music, Mahler,
    many others to Kabbalah, read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 60.
    Breaking News

    Recently, I’ve been lost in space
    I can’t bring myself back to earth
    I can’t answer all your questions
    I forget who am I and who I love read more »

    Angelica Duardo
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