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In this page, poems on / about “television” are listed.

  • 349.
    Leaving Me Space (Revised)

    Of course I was wrong; the gods had
    more trials for me after the successful
    completion of my urgent documents, read more »

    Margaret Alice Second
  • 350.
    Too Much ee

    Most people
    Live by the tongue
    Claiming "that is bizarre"
    Or strange read more »

    A.j. Binash
  • 351.
    Winter Afternoon

    In snow-covered backyard, garden is without bloom
    Lonely is my heart and silence pervades the room
    Frigid wind is forgetful
    Who is to knock on door today read more »

    Savita Tyagi
  • 352.
    words fight

    words fighting

    with life... read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 353.
    Lips of An Empty Sea-Shell

    Open lips of empty sea-shells are beautiful—
    And I think of you
    While I am walking alone at the flea-market
    On an usual weekend, read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 354.

    As windows look out on windows here
    They have to be kept closed often
    Even if the sun and zephyr cannot enter,
    When I'm tired of the walls read more »

    Prabhakar Subramaniam
  • 355.
    The Nocturnal Aphrodisiac

    In prisms that happen outside of
    The fish swim upwards to look at knights—
    Boys on quests with fireworks, read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 356.
    Our Bedroom of Sky

    There is the mother
    Carousing in her grotto—
    There is the place filled
    With so many read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 357.
    In Their Dances of Airplanes

    Memories for a little while
    Look like words,
    Letters curled up for her in séances
    While my dog gets drunk with read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 358.
    The Curious Cow

    Every shots a shot
    you either miss your head
    hit the target
    or the coin is tails read more »

    Justin Tallman
  • 359.
    Their Open Hearted Displays

    I drink from my living room—
    It's as small as a shell—
    With the television off, and all of the
    Lights, read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 360.
    Special Gift

    Watching television as cameras pan across the crowd, highlighting special friends and families in their sorrow.
    Bruce Haffner, the last of the three amigos, celebrating the life of his best friends as he touched upon their senses of humor, making everyone smile or laugh.
    As a camera hovered for a moment on Jim's parents, his mother's smile reflected that of Jim's.
    A special gift to treasure every time she looks in the mirror - Jim's smile is fashioned after hers. read more »

    RoseAnn V. Shawiak
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