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143 - Poem by Charles Hice

Events portrayed in the seldom entered areas of life become the norm for some of them. People stare. They have a mind in them and use there eyes to convey messages to lesser beings with just one look they seem to say what is this underneath mye microscopic peerage. How dare he come in here? Who does he think he is? Perhaps gentle reader ewe it is only there pepslexia.
The visage furrows the crown burrows they narrow the eye to the end of the nose and seldom sneeze they squeeze my eye they lie with just one look.
We all have role models the movies died when the drive inns went to scale the rialtos closed on Saturdays no children can stand to be in line with the gangers and the drinkers and the slime. The televisions all off line the Panasonic visions are all dry. The high definition large screen television beaming down from the satellite dishes next to kitchens with the microwaves with food from processed groceries making alcoholic inroads to the messages of instant fame. TEXT ME TEXT ME TEXT ME the girls are screaming it in all the pink and folding cell phones. This may seem cruel but most of you have got to get an understanding. The child is lost the man is being born he has no money for the phone please stop calling the freshman John with the collect calls. Please text him on his cell phone. He is busy in the free lieberry computer room rooming with his local sweety, she is understanding him better than you mom. Christ's Eternal Love is the foundation upon which everything we cherish is built. Our deep commitment to His love inspired us to create this exclusive collection of Tears of Christ Jewelry. Now, you can wear His precious Tear close to your heart and declare your commitment to His Eternal Love. Ewe eye have a cross it looks like one of the Tears OF Christ ones it is gold and silver wound around like a poor man’s plastic pieces twined in prison bound and fashioned then given to a special friend. Just because eye love the GOD does not mean that we cannot be friends and love the only enemy is time. For Mothers Day this year just think of me awearing cross and loving thee. A student of life making fables smile and sure of thee thy love.
FLASH AP report this is no joke or spam but limn: AP
Honda recalls 353K Accord sedans over windshield wiper motor
Wednesday April 16,1: 05 pm ET Honda recalling 353,000 Accord sedans over corrosion in the windshield wiper motor WASHINGTON (AP) - Honda Motor Co. is recalling 353,000 Accord sedans over possible corrosion in the windshield wiper motor. Honda said Wednesday the recall involves Accords from the 2003 model year. The automaker says water could enter an area near the windshield wiper motor and cause corrosion. The corrosion could cause the electrical circuit breaker inside the motor area to fail and could prevent the motor from working, potentially leading to a crash. No injuries or crashes have been attributed to the wiper problem. Dealers will inspect the windshield wiper motor and install a cover over the motor if no signs of corrosion are present. If there is corrosion, they will replace the motor. Owners may contact Honda at (800) 999-1009.
ED.NOTE: this story caught my eye was so bizarre eye had to add it to the fable now we are almost done this will be MOTHERS DAY in April. All the holidays are always early just like Christmas in November.

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