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In this page, poems on / about “television” are listed.

  • 325.
    Alien planet

    It was a fresh dazzling day
    I gradually openened my eyes
    I was in a strange place
    That I had not seen before read more »

    Kavitha Krishnamurthy
  • 326.

    No candle burning. I listen to the wind
    howl past me with the cool gust of chance.
    My lover, always gone into the leaves
    this broken television holds in its blue shafts. read more »

  • 327.
    Laser Night

    crazed neath the crazy moon
    i wandered
    convulsed with a craving read more »

    Theresa Haffner
  • 328.
    My dogs

    bark at the neighbors,
    bark at the UPS man,
    bark at cars
    and kids on bicycles. read more »

    John Yamrus
  • 329.
    Reality Checks

    I look in the mirror and I see depression
    It’s time to put out my confession
    There’s a lot to learn in life, so we are taught a lesson read more »

    Jesse Tampa
  • 330.
    September Eleventh 911

    September 11th will be a day many won’t forget
    Unthinkable news were on the television set
    That dreadful day changed many lives
    Lives of children, parents, husbands and wives read more »

    Ana Monnar
  • 331.
    The 'Poem A Day' Project - Day 25

    I’ve got all the latest gadgets, all the games and toys surround me
    My Wii, X-box and Playstation all set out uniformly
    A whole wall full of DVD’s, several racks full of CD’s,
    Reclining electric vibrating chair to tilt and put me at ease read more »

    Flying Lemming
  • 332.
    No Flies On Yoko

    We were watching the television when a fly landed on the screen
    It walked across Yoko's forehead and stopped on the tip of her nose
    My wife complained it was blocking her view of the show
    But I didn’t kill it as it will be dead soon enough…. read more »

    Ted Sheridan
  • 333.
    911 Memoriam Words

    911 Memoriam

    The sky in Texas mourned this day
    A million places joined her. read more »

    Bill Grace
  • 334.

    at a a time
    it seemed
    through the microfiche
    of literature read more »

    Robert Brendan
  • 335.
    Silent Echo

    Smoke curls upwards and hangs in the air
    Late night television flashes
    Moonlight pours in and sticks in the haze
    As I thoughtfully flick off the ashes read more »

    Elizabeth O Hanlon
  • 336.
    Sea World 4th Of July*

    This 4th the French may not be popular
    This nation that helped to sanctify the 4th
    Yet our crowd feels their influence
    In sound and sight spectacular read more »

    Bill Grace
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