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In this page, poems on / about “television” are listed.

  • 325.
    My dog barks.

    My dog barks when I'm sleeping
    to make sure that I'm not dead
    and he barks when we go walking
    and he barks when he wants fed read more »

    Charles M. Moore
  • 326.
    Television Footage

    I've learned the harshest truth
    No one really cares about anyone but themselves
    There is so much television footage that
    floods in like tsunami beaten shores read more »

    Cokbod Lodwogo
  • 327.

    13’’ - Black and White TV
    in the 70’s
    when everybody else had color
    and the brady’s were on channel 7 read more »

    Charles Lara
  • 328.
    A Valentine

    Televisions, shops
    supermarkets all
    gaudy display
    expressions of this day. read more »

    Dorothy Pugin
  • 329.

    LONG and empty faces keep their
    eyes on the television screen,
    FIRE flies jockeying for
    position, on a cold and quiet read more »

  • 330.
    So This Is What Has Become Of Us.

    So this is what has become of us:
    You crawling on the cold kitchen floor
    heaving your heavy frame, panting-
    whimpering and wounded. read more »

    Not Long Left
  • 331.

    So i pour myself into work because i cannot sleep,
    and i pour myself into my cigarettes because i cannot eat.
    i pour myself into my emotions because i cannot avoid the sobbing.
    i pour myself into twisted novels because i cannot bear to think of love. read more »

    Whitney Jones Olson
  • 332.

    at a a time
    it seemed
    through the microfiche
    of literature read more »

    Robert Brendan
  • 333.
    Silent Echo

    Smoke curls upwards and hangs in the air
    Late night television flashes
    Moonlight pours in and sticks in the haze
    As I thoughtfully flick off the ashes read more »

    Elizabeth O Hanlon
  • 334.

    You amplified the television
    To hide our shouts
    (I was never sure from whom)
    You locked the door read more »

    Bethani Ann DeLong
  • 335.
    Maks, not Max

    Head of the Household
    He tells us what to do, not vice versa
    Watching television whining and complaining
    Opens the door to the basement to explore read more »

    Amanda Lobsiger
  • 336.

    On Ghana Television some seventeen years ago
    I was aged probably four or so
    Each while Mandela will come and go
    The song Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow read more »

    Benjamin Paa Willie
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