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In this page, poems on / about “television” are listed.

  • 229.
    Reflection of Reality

    Flat screen televisions intensify the
    image in high definition to satisfy
    the minds of Ritalin children who once
    were partial to the penwork of poets read more »

    Ferdinando Paparella
  • 230.
    My American Niece The Talker

    She plays with her dolls hours on in
    singing them songs that
    never end.
    Wishing on them when missing read more »

    Is It Poetry
  • 231.
    Those Television Channels

    Every night
    Prayers lull me to sleep
    Infusing a watchful Lord
    In my hope over evil read more »

    Indira Renganathan
  • 232.
    They Dig....

    They dig
    With sweat beads
    Of heavy piks
    And broad shovels read more »

    Felicity Nong
  • 233.
    Satyam Infotech

    We have been reading in the news,
    And viewing television's breaking Line
    About all those who have lied
    And been caught in their lies, read more »

    Mahfooz Ali
  • 234.
    The CNN World

    Serenity I will pray for daily
    Love and understanding is what I need
    People here are strange and silly
    Parents and teachers no longer take lead read more »

    Robert John
  • 235.
    Solar Storm Blues

    No television today to see
    Cell phones are out so we cant speak
    Computers scramble and fade to black
    Storms are raging in a star filled sky read more »

    Candy Transcends
  • 236.
    True Beauty

    In magazines, television, and internet,
    Women are portrayed as objects,
    And are presented as if they are worth nothing,
    If they don't show their bodies to the world, read more »

    Lydia Etzler
  • 237.
    Zeroes and Ones

    Zeroes and ones, zeroes and ones,
    We rely too heavily on zeroes and ones,
    This poem was made with zeroes and ones,
    The radio is broadcast with zeroes and ones, read more »

    Sam Fitts
  • 238.

    The bedroom light is still on
    Music is still playing
    Clothes litter the floor in protest
    A ceiling fan awaits command read more »

    O.S. Brooks
  • 239.
    An Era of Change

    In My lifetime I experienced
    an era of change
    Television was invented in Colour
    Racism came to and end as we had known it for years read more »

    Janice M Pickett
  • 240.
    Good News

    Good news doesn’t flood
    Our television anymore
    Has it ever?
    In any point in history read more »

    Jammie Plummer
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